Keeping the Heart Commitment; Gen-la Dekyong is not my lineage Guru


May 16, 2014

Dear Gen-la Kunsang, Gen-la Khyenrab, Gen Jampa, Gen Rigpa, and members of the Educational Council,

I have written a very long time to the NKT powers that be, including Gen-la Dekyong; I have made a logical argument for what appears to be a take-over in some Centers by anti-Shugden people; as Gen-la Dekyong has proven ineffective in changing any of this, and since she gives misuse of dharma teachings which appear to be aimed at silencing the opposition (the pro-Shugden people), I have recently asked for her removal.  I understand that sometimes people may be confused into thinking they have to do anything Gen-la Dekyong asks, since she gave the HYT.  However, my understanding of the HYT, having not taken it myself, is that there are a few over-rides available for people who do not wish to follow Gen-la Dekyong’s every directive.

First of all, when a person gives commitments, even HYT, we can always override, if it really benefits all living beings, with the bodhisattva vow.  Secondly, the Buddha taught us to examine even all of his teachings for ourselves; logically, we can do this even after the HYT; if something doesn’t make sense, then we don’t have to do it; thirdly, if a person were to take commitments with their root guru and in turn gave these commitments to others, if at any point the new HYT preceptor (theoretically vajramaster) were to break commitments with their teacher, then how could they be said to hold the lineage?  In other words, were Geshe-la to empower Gen-la to give the HYT, but then she turns against the wishes of her root guru, who would theoretically be Geshe-la, then she no longer holds purely her commitments to her teacher, therefore she breaks the lineage commitments, and cannot be said to really be the vajramaster of others.  In other words, her breaking her commitments to Geshe-la would render her ability to be the holder of the commitments null to others; thus, no one would have to listen to her anymore.

I am fairly certain about their being some over-rides, and perhaps some of you would like to clarify with Geshe-la what all of those are; I know that sometimes the Dalai Lama side of the Kagyus told people they have to do everything the lama says and keep a bunch of commitments, when they didn’t even take HYT vows, but I questioned the valid side (non-Dalai Lama) of the Kagyupa, the then lineage head told me not to worry about what the other side perceives as commitments, as they other side doesn’t know anything about commitments anyway (as the Gelugpa Kagyus broke theirs to the 16th Karmapa).

I think it would benefit all living beings if we have some clarity on these commitments Gen-la theoretically gave and what people may feel obligated to do; certainly if others want to leave when Gen-la Dekyong decides to officially announce her disavowal of Shugden then they are welcome to follow her, but if there are people now who would like to stay with Shugden, or who would like our Centers back without wasting our entire lives with this nonsense, perhaps we should look into over-rides.  As far as I am concerned, she has broken the heart commitment to Dorje Shugden and also to Geshe-la in her refusal to help restore the purity of our lineage.  Gen-la Kunsang, I would appreciate that you would do something to help remove Gen-la Deykong; I would like to request a Shugden GSD to the rest of you.  Thank you.

Best regards,

Kelly Inman


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