Open Letter to Gen-la Dekyong, and NKT Shugdens

Protecting our tradition: an open letter to Gen-la Dekyong and also to NKT Shugdens,

It has come to my attention, in the last 3 years, that the GSD of the NKT, Kelsang Dekyong, has made several dubious choices for teachers, many of whom have no discernible long term history (or even give much appearance) of being followers of Dorje Shugden. It is fairly normal, I understand, for the anti-Shugden people (who follow the Dalai Lama) to come to Shugden groups, pretend they are following Shugden, and then really be trying to end this practice, because the Dalai Lama says it threatens Tibet and his long life. They come in, cause problems, divide the group, and then if anyone says anything, accuse us of disharmony. This is very intense harassment, and also very unkind. I feel that it is apparent by Gen-la Dekyong’s dubious choices, that she does not sincerely want Geshe Kelsang’s tradition to flourish. At my local center, Gen-la made the mistake of replacing a (long term Geshe-la disciple) Shugden RT with a woman who came in, in 2011 and told us in the Kids’ class, that we might be changing Dharma Protectors. This same woman let in a lot of people to teach, some of whom had directly tried to convert me personally, in my own home, from going to the NKT Center. Many others (who started teaching around that time) simply avoided our Protector practice. One man, who supposedly helped start the Center, and who had been an alleged Geshe-la disciple for over 10 years, immediately read zen in the Kids class, after saying he only wanted to stay with Geshe-la’s books. If he is a Geshe Kelsang disciple then he would know that he has every right to follow his own path or to read what he likes and go where he likes outside of the Center, but inside the Center, we are supposed to be learning what Geshe-la taught, as it came from his root guru, Venerable Trijang Rinpoche. I have noticed that though I wrote the NKT for 2 years on this, I received no response from the education council and no response from the DSD or GSD, despite having written all of them, and ccing to the NSDs. I asked for confirmation of email receipts (18 documents or so after 6 months) and never received a reply. I asked again a few more times, and have never received a reply, though I have now written about 200 pages over 2 years (the first letter is from October 2012). I also eventually, around April of this year, sent them some interpersonal emails, in case they ever need them to determine what is going on. No matter what they say, not responding for the first year, even about what documents have been received, to me is indicative not only of wrongdoing, but also that they wish for me to be verbally and physically erased.
I am very concerned that during Dekong (I cannot use the title Gen-la with someone who so clearly disregards the heart commitment) we have replaced many Shugden people with anti-Shugdens. One terrible thing she did was the 6 month teacher training program, where people who claim to have studied Kadam Buddhism for 2 years, can go and train to teach for only 6 months, to be placed as a resident teacher. I know our local center sent someone who wouldn’t chant Geshe-la’s long life prayers or even seemed to know that we had arrived at the point in the sadana when we sang them; this indicates that maybe not everyone was practicing the way they say; furthermore, we always get people who show up at practices to see what we are doing, and they may or may not really be with us, even if they have been around for years. It is from their heart that the commitment doesn’t appear to come, as many seem very insincere, and also tend to lack logic, which is something that generally accompanies the Dalai Lama school, rather than ours. Furthermore they misuse the lojong and tantra (especially Dekyong) in a very similar manner to Gen-la Dekyong and the Dalai Lama.
For people that Gen-la Dekyong allowed in, includes people who teach, people who run events, and it includes ostracizing and excluding those of us who want the actual Je Tsongkahpa tradition, as brought by Geshe-la to flourish in the west. I have noticed some very insincere people running our Shugden empowerment(2013), that I had requested personally 3 times be given; the issues that the sound in our section never worked properly, that my family (my then 4 year old and myself) were harassed at the teachings, and forced to leave (though we got the empowerment) was never really addressed. This was a big, and important empowerment, and given by Gen Jampa who I thank sincerely for giving this empowerment, and who also embodies the heart commitment; I am sure that many of the people who teach in California secretly disagree that it is important, because it seems from their actions that most of them have not got a sincere bone in their bodies regarding Dorje Shugden.
I do think we have many sincere instructors, such as Gen Rigpa and Gen Jampa, but most of the people that Dekyong has allowed in, or put in place while she was National Spiritual Director in California and later as GSD, seem to literally hate Shugden practitioners. I am very concerned that the NKT has never responded to anything about the lineage mixing, the disregard of Shugden, and the general harassment and discouragement of Shugdenpas in the centers in California, and perhaps elsewhere. I submit that if Dekyong had done anything about it, that she wouldn’t have so many of them available to pretend to be Shugdens to join the ISC; I am very concerned that the deck is stacked for a big staged sangha schism coming from people loyal to the Dalai Lama, not to mention some debacles in the ISC.
In closing, I have written a lot to the NKT, though at first it wasn’t a lot, but they would not reply except for my subsequent resident teacher at San Diego, Kelsang Chokyi, who ordered me not to continue to write others in the NKT— that it was just between her and me, and she also implied I had never come to her about this, which was untrue, as I talked to her for a year before writing. I sent a copy of this email to the NKT, but they did not respond, and they do not seem to care if people are being ostracized; my family was basically cast out from our Sangha for this; I have been taking correspondence FP classes from one of the two RTs I had studied under before, Gen Rigpa. I believe he is very much with Shugden, just like Jampa.
In April or May, I asked for the GSD’s removal, and honestly, having had no response from the DSD, I also am dubious that she is a sincere practitioner of Dorje Shugden. I am asking please, for help in getting the school restored to the correct teachings, to always rely on Shugden in the school, and to please vote out the GSD, and elect someone like Gen Jampa, Gen Rigpa, Kelsang Dornying, who is really with Shugden. I have a lot of papers; the NKT should have read many things such as a paper about how an RT ignored talking about Dorje Shugden for over an hour of teaching, mentioning him only in the very last minute of the talk, in the intro to his empowerment. She discussed anything but Shugden, made a few backhanded insults at Geshe-la, and then proceeded, a year later during Shugden protests, while I was being ignored by the NKT, ISC, and WSS, to make a statement about how a lot of her relatives flew across the country to be at Shugden protests. Seems odd from someone who won’t talk about the Protector when giving the intro to the celebration featuring his empowerment, but then bother to go to a Protest. It’s also strange to me that the protests were suddenly run by the ISC, with no warning, rather than the WSS, and also that they only managed to have a hundred something people at the first California empowerments. I for one, was not informed, though I happen to have requested the empowerment for Shugden that the RT, who disregarded Shugden spoke at. She and her relatives went, but I did not find out until about 48 hours prior; a confusion arose, involving some of the SAME people who also got confused and ran the Dorje Shugden empowerment with the bad sound, anti-Shugden ushers, etc…. and our overnight housing was yanked about 5 hours before we needed to be there. Odd, how that happens, when the GSD won’t respond that her people aren’t sincerely with Shugden, following our tradition, are mixing dharma, and saying in class we might switch protectors.
Please understand, I am completely devoted to Dorje Shugden and am devoted also to Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche; I want the NKT to survive as he intended; he did say at festival this is a democracy, not a dictatorship, so please, exercise your democratic rights and get rid of this charlatan Dekyong, who is replacing our pure dharma with Dalai Lama style mixing, logical lapses, misuses of Dharma, and anti-Shugden attitude. Geshe-la did ask for a democracy, because he once asked a resident teacher what they should do if a crazy person is leading us. Such a time has clearly come with Dekyong in charge.
Happy Dorje Shugden Day. May all obstacles to pure Kadam Dharma as brought to the west by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso be removed.
Thank you.


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