Request for reply August 2014 from NKT General Spiritual Director and Ed. council Reps

Dear Gen-la Dekyong, Roy Tyson, and Steve Cowing,

I have written extensively to all of you regarding impurities (Dalai Lama-style transmissions/mixed transmissions) in our school, the NKT.  Never at any point has any of you responded at all, but have seemingly ignored everything I have said, since October 2012.  I did expect perhaps there to be confirmation of email receipts, which ones were received and where they were sent from Steve Cowing or Roy Tyson, especially since I requested them at the 6 months mark, the year mark, and so on.  I have now written a lot more emails, including sending old emails from San Diego, so you have quite a lot of emails.  However, in the beginning, you did not have that many emails, and by the 6 months mark you would not have had much difficulty in responding.  Would one of you at this point like to write about what you have received and also why it has taken two years and you have said absolutely nothing to me?

Concerning what happened in class, such as Amy Peng’s happy-face at the heart and Gregg Lane’s zen book, these are easily verified phenomena.  That you have seen fit to remove (due to Sangha fighting and complaints about how the Center wasn’t flourishing) Gen Atisha, but you have left everyone who thinks we can mix or pollute our teachings (with Dalai Lama style transmissions/Pema Chodron transmissions, zen transmissions etc..) in place.  Also, you have never responded about the fact that the resident teacher Chokyi ordered my silence in writing; in fact that seems not to disturb you at all, as none of you have acted as though you have received anything I have written.  I have provided email evidence that points to telling Chokyi a year prior that we had impure transmissions, which was the subject of the letter I wrote Gen-la Dekyong.  Chokyi directly told me not to write anyone else.  However, no one has made any apology for that; that we received harassment at a Dorje Shugden empowerment and were basically forced out does not seem to concern any of you, nor do you seem worried that ADs like Erica Shieferstein drop the ball everytime it comes to big events; they can run Shugden empowerments badly, they can ignore reduced fees or housing requests to keep people out of events.  That’s all fine, right?  It’s not okay people who speak with the perfect voice of Je Tsongkhapa, like Gen Atisha, they need re-training, but people who mix dharmas can stay in and people who constantly put obstacles in place for the spreading of the pure teachings, that’s fine, is it?

It is the double standard that seems to allow everything anti-Shugden to go unchecked while perfect Shugden people are reduced to ‘re-train,’ along with a complete disregard of Shugden and Geshe-la’s teaching standards, that has prompted me to ask for Gen-la Dekyong’s resignation, which I eventually did, in March of this year, after never being given a chance for dialogue, never seeing improvements, and seeing every excuse to let in people who did not have much to do with our school as teachers.  When Gen-la Dekyong allowed that people could become RTs with only 2 years prior NKT practice experience, then it seems that, along with not batting an eye when the transmissions change or when people disregard Shugden, that perhaps what Gen-la Dekyong had in mind with only 2 years NKT practice experience, was to allow people to teach that have the least to do with our school.  Perhaps she feels that those would be better teachers than the ones that were trained for years and genuinely embraced the teachings and practices from Geshe-la?  That is why I have asked for Gen-la Dekyong’s resignation.  I hope, Gen-la, that you will consider leaving, for the sake of all living beings.

I am very concerned that you have never written back, and am requesting a response from one of the people to whom I have addressed this letter.

Best regards,

Kelly Inman


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