We are having an anti-Shugden coup in parts of the NKT, which affects the ISC

There are two links below, which though they worked a few days ago, appear to be broken and the articles removed, I am currently contacting DS.com who were taking down their site, which will now be back up.  Someone really doesn’t want this information out.

I am a Kadampa practitioner who started off as a Kagyu, in 2000; I became a Kadampa in 2009, and I live in San Diego California.  I have seen almost all of the people in positions of power in most California centers be replaced with what appear to be an anti-Shugden element.  I began writing the NKT office (including General Spiritual Director, National Spiritual Director , and Ed.council reps among others) in October 2012, but never received any reply, except for the National Spiritual Director (NSD) telling me to write the ED. Council.  I have written, for 2 years, requesting email receipt confimation, replies, etc., and never received any.

This is a concern, because what I wrote about involves what is obviously an attempted take-over of our school by anti-Shugden, pro-DL people.  I wrote about mixed transmissions, and mention in class that we might be changing Dharma Protectors.  I am beginning to put some of these on the web, as the NKT has not been polite enough to respond for 2 years.  I have also asked for the General Spiritual Director (Dekyong’s) removal over the fact that she is putting anti-Shugdens in postions of power all over the NKT.  Her 2nd (the Deputy Spiritual Director) has not responded or done anything, so I would prefer a real Shugden to be our GSD, rather than an under cover anti-Shugden Dalai Lama person. These staffings, and refusal to speak about this for so many years, has made it easy for people in the ISC, who might be very much more inclined to a different camp (Dalai Lama/anti-Shugden) one, to start stepping into postions of power, and “represent” us.  I find it absurd not to do something when people are insincere.  So that you understand, I have no problem with Dalai Lama people in general, as long as they don’t happen to know I am with Shugden; they tend not to be able to stand me once they find out that I am with Shugden.  I would like very much if their lama could bring down this ban, so that we could all be friendly again, rather than them hating me.  I do not follow the Dalai Lama; I was Kagyupa, and Kagyupas have historically ignored the Dalai Lama, because he was never in charge of their school either.  Just because I do not want someone else’s lama to be my lama, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be friends.  Feel free to follow who you like, but please, if you are being taught hate in the name of “compassion” then please use your wisdom and at least don’t hate us and try to destroy our school.

For my opinion of the Dalai Lama, please read my only two published articles on the subject:




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