Undo the Coup: Please un-erase Shugdens from the NKT

June 9, 2014

Dear Ven. Geshe-la, Gen Rigpa, and Gen Jampa,

I hope this letter finds all of you well; I am primarily writing to Ven. Geshe-la,  but I thought Gen Rigpa and Gen Jampa might also benefit from this information.  My daughter and I have just returned from the Maitreya empowerment at California Dharma; I am really rejoicing that so many people got this empowerment from Gen Rigpa.

Since we would want all living beings to receive perfect teachings such as the Geshe-la transmissions that Gen Rigpa and some of the other teachers are purely giving us, I would like to help us return our school in general to pure transmissions.  I am bringing up some issues about staffing in California, and probably around the NKT; it seems that almost everyone who runs events, manages, volunteers, are now much more unlikely to have a Shugden affiliation from this life.  Unfortunately, it also applies to a lot of the teaching staffs as well; I mentioned in a paper, “VBC in Crisis” that we in San Diego, had a staffing switch-over, from Geshe-la’s Je Tsongkhapa teachings to mixed zen, “rime” and maybe tao; this appears to be happening a lot, especially since 2011, at least that I have noticed.  I am going to go into this a bit; please understand when I mention people in particular, it is nothing against them, and I am aware that Shugden used to be practiced much by 30 percent or more of Tibetans, and in at least 3 lineages, so these people probably just got mixed up, and decided to act against the practice, rather than do the practice, since they have some karma with Shugden from a past life.  Please consider the following:

  1. The Shugden people are being erased, and people who don’t do the practice, won’t chant the practice out loud etc., have been put in.  (Please see previous 200 pages or so on this subject).
  1. In official empowerment/daycourse/festival  photos, people who are in the take-over group take center stage, at least in California.  Some of us never appear in photos; please understand, I don’t really like to be in photos, and if there were not a take-over, then I would not care at all who is in the photos— but I have noticed we have a predominance of the photos being of the Dalai Lama people rather than the regulars getting much press.  I am afraid this may be used later to ‘prove’ that these were the real Sangha, when in reality, these are the take-over group.  Please note the following:
  1. White Tara, December 2010, KMC Los Angeles:  The current (position, name deleted) is featured in more than one photo on the internet photo album.  (Name deleted), who kept my daughter and I from coming to the Protests, wouldn’t get back to us on reduced fees about Dekyong, who was in charge of a Shugden CADC where my family was harassed, told me that she was brought to the NKT by her yoga instructor and her first event was the White Tara empowerment that Rigpa gave Dec. 2010.  It was my daughter’s first empowerment too; the interesting bit is that this young woman shows up, is in a few pictures, from her first empowerment, and within a year or less, I think, became the EPC.  She told me she was then asked to become (position deleted); she has been (position deleted)for maybe 2 years or something?  She has been to all kinds of empowerments and festivals in the (position deleted) role; this is opposed to the people like my daughter and me, who are being erased; my daughter had already been a regular member of  VBC San Diego for a year and  a half prior to this White Tara empowerment, which was also her first empowerment.  (Name deleted) is in charge of helping with Protests, gatekeeping, etc., and frankly doesn’t appear to be too interested in helping the actual Shugden lineage flourish.  Does it seem realistic that a person in their 20s has a yoga instructor that brings her to a Buddhist temple, and then this young woman’s dharma just takes off like that?  In reality, this isn’t how anyone I’ve ever heard of meets the dharma, not if they are going to be that deeply involved that fast.
  1. In the pictures from CADC San Diegos (3 years running) there were no pictures of my daughter or me, or my Shugden (I think) friend (Name deleted) child, though they attended all three years.  Instead, they have a child during the medicine Buddha empowerment featured, whose grandmother is one of the nuns who has done some of the Dalai Lama activity (for Rigpa and Jampa, she is the one that gave out my daughter’s registration packet to another family at the Portugal festival).  He came to only one teaching during Medicine Buddha, but is featured, even though a lot of regular Shugden people’s kids were there for all or some of the teachings and the empowerments.
  1. The current kids’ teacher at KMC San Diego: her child appeared 2x at a kids’ class before the mother started assisting and teaching the class; the publicity just before the woman started teaching, featured her daughter, at the age of about 18 months, about a year and a half before the woman started becoming the teaching assistant.  Is this to imply the mother  was there often?  Because the mother seemed afraid of Shugden, but was put in as a lunchtime meditation teacher under Amy, though 6 months earlier, this woman, like the majority (almost all Dalai Lama) the FP class we were in, didn’t even know that Buddhas emanate in all the realms.  I don’t understand how we are supposed to be falling for this.
  2. Under Gen-la Dekyong, we are supposed to only say positive things; we cannot speak against what anyone does, unless they are someone like Gen Atisha, who teaches your doctrine perfectly.  Then, we can remove him, put in someone entirely unqualified (Amy Peng) who will shuffle around the teachers, staff, and people.  Then, if we get yet another RT, these people, who don’t mind lying, since they think Shugden is so bad, will all say good things about each other, and we (the actual people who are trying to be in the NKT as you intended it to be— like Shugden practitioners) are erased, silenced and removed.  These people have now been in for 2 or three years, which makes them ‘super-qualified’ under Dekyong.  If we get yet another RT and make no move to clean up the staff, then we won’t have Shugden staff for at least several more years.

Gen-la Dekyong allowed the 6 month teacher training which has probably flooded the NKT Centers with unqualified people from another school who teach.  Since the NKT spent a considerable amount of money on this, they may not want to retrain them; however, if we consider that Geshe-la trained people like Gen Atisha get removed by a coup from the FPMT or whomever they are, and retrained by Gen-la, then I say, we should take into consideration, that it seems like Gen-la didn’t like Geshe-la trained persons but prefers to give some other version of  dharma (hers/the Dalai Lama’s mixing) for people.  For me, even if we spent a ton of  money, the money has been spent, but we don’t need  to keep bad teachers just because they were expensive.  (We have already wasted NKT money; why waste people’s lives with impure teachings?) I am sorry, but I know that some of them were lying about their affiliation; they are not here to help us genuinely help the school.  Most of them are here to help change the school from Geshe-la transmissions.

This is a huge group taking us over; I have a suspicion, based on the strange things some of them have mentioned about how they are supporting themselves, that some of them may be funded by an outside source.

  1. We cannot do anything, because Gen-la keeps making it impossible for genuine communication to happen.  I still have no confirmation of email receipts from info at Kadampa or info at Manjushri, despite having requested, yet again, on June 4th.  People made a show of talking to me and my daughter at the CADC empowerment, but most haven’t texted back afterwards; many of the ones that weren’t Dalai Lama people I didn’t even see at CADC; I am not sure if they were there or not.
  1. Our Sangha members who really like Geshe-la and Shugden are being removed, as I  keep saying, and the other group keeps putting in whomever they want.  There is no way to stop this?  It’s a huge amount of people Ven. Geshe-la, but it was just staged; they have been put in, with any excuse like a coup, removing the Shugdens and silencing us, also with any excuse.  They came in vast numbers at KMC San Diego, just around the time that Atisha left, and subsequently.  Most of KMC LA is plagued with them (FPMT or someone similar— CADC is run by Dalai Lama people last year and this year— some of them I know from talking to them, and they are featured in other papers; others just have the energy of the Dalai Lama school, rather than our energy—- forgive me, I wouldn’t normally say so, but I think the Buddhas are letting us notice that sort of thing so we can save our school).
  1. People who taught zen etc., are given immunity, as long as they claim to no longer do that; there is a saying, Ven. Geshe-la, “the leopard has shown his spots.”  What it means is, that if there is a big cat, like a leopard, hiding in the grass, waiting to pounce, and he moves slightly, so we see it’s a leopard, rather than grass, then we would of course not think he is now grass again, even if he blends back in with the grass.   The people who departed from our tradition have shown their spots; we can see they are waiting to pounce, if you will, on our tradition and destroy it, and we are pretending that they are still the grass.  To me it seems like maybe we are at the point where this has gone on so long that the leopards have now reproduced, and the baby leopards are jumping around in the grass; people are not allowed to talk about the fact that we are being over-taken with Dalai Lama people at all; there is supposed to be not two groups, so entertaining any idea that there is, is considered forbidden.  I am arguing that this is terrible for our  lineage, and also dangerous, because we keep leaving Shugdens unprotected from invasive and harassing Dalai Lama people.

Ven. Geshe-la, I really love your school and your Dharma Protector; I do my practices in your school and attend teachings here; I think I have strong past karmas with the legitimate side (Shamar Rinpoche’s/Karmapa’s) Kagyus, and I will always love them and carry them in my heart.  I always write wondering why I have so much karma with both schools, as well as a genuine fear of the Gelugpas from the Dalai Lama; I am not sure, but my main point is that I just want to be clear with you that I have  been, and continue to be up-front about my affiliation; I just really like pure dharmas, and I really like the Lam Rim and Dorje Shugden; I don’t like impure dharmas, so I don’t want the Dalai Lama’s teachings; this is just because for me, there is no point in this lineage if we follow the Dalai Lama, as he keeps mixing the teachings and  trying to assimilate everyone under his own jurisdiction, I suppose so he can be the tantric master of everyone, and we would follow him like lemmings?  At any rate, I believe I am supposed to be in your school; I don’t want to leave your Dharma Protector, or rather for him to leave me.

Please, as always, I am sure Geshe-la can see all that is going on with his clairvoyance, but I am only writing from what it seems in accordance with the Shugden heart commitment to write; I mention this, only because I think the Dalai Lama’s school is trying to take over your school, which I think is my school too, because I love your  Dharma Protector.  Please help us, Ven. Geshe-la to restore your Sangha to be run by people who love Dorje Shugden and your teachings which he protects.  May all dharmas be purified.

With Shugden at our hearts,


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