Letter showing long term puja attendance for my child

(My note: this letter was sent to Chokyi on February 13th, 2013 from (Name Deleted, Long term Geshe-la disciple. )

(Name Deleted) Letter:

Dear Chokyi,


I would like to add my support to Kelly’s request that Kristen continue to attend

pujas and empowerments.  In the 4 years Kelly and Kristen have attended VBC

I have never witnessed any disruptions of any kind.  Additionally, I have not heard

a single complaint from other members of the sangha.


However, if having Kristen in the gompa is a problem then I strongly encourage you

to allow Kristen to remain in the community room with her mother.  I know that (name deleted)

cared for Kristen at the last OSG. If that is the concern I agree that child care is not an

obligation of our sangha but I also know that Kelly does not expect child care.  I recall’

though, that you told Kelly that another child had been at an event and there was no

problem but Kelly pointed out that a baby is different than a 4 year old.  Your sudden

change from encouraging Kelly to have Kristen in the gompa for puja to denying

her attendance is confusing.


I cannot come up with any valid reason to deny Kristen’s attendance at pujas and

empowerments (either in the gompa or the community room) and I sincerely hope

that she will be permitted to continue her 4 years of attending pujas.


Thank you for any consideration you give to this matter.



(Name Deleted Long term Geshe-la disciple)


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