Dekyong doesn’t support Shugden people in teaching positions

Nov. 9th, 2014

Dear Gen Rigpa and Chokyi,

  I have written the NKT for 2 years regarding anti-Shugdens being appointed by Dekyong, and have received no reply from the NKT office, GSD, or DSD. I am aware that Dekyong would understand enough dharma to know that all living beings have been her mother in a past life.  If she is a Shugden person, then, and her mother from a past life writes her and tells her that the people are teaching other transmissions and harassing Shugdens, that the RT has ordered her silence, etc., then she would want to address the issues.  She has not addressed the issues; however, people from the Dalai Lama school think they are helping all living beings by removing Shugden’s practice and Shugden lamas’ teachings from the earth.  Obviously, I must assume that Dekyong understands enough dharma to think she is to help all living beings.  What she seems confused about, is whether the Shugden practice actually does that.  By her actions, and by condoning the unacceptable behavior of Chokyi, Peng, and others, then I must conclude we do not have a Shugden GSD.
  As a Shugden person, I would love to see Gen Rigpa, and practice with him, but it is not a good idea to continue this farce that we are all Shugdens and let the anti-Shugdens get further bad karma by inviting the further harassment that accompanies being around all the FPMT or whomever the anti-shugdens are at KMC San Diego.
  When we have a new GSD/DSD and when we pick Shugdens to be in positions of hightest power, then my Shugden child and I will return, if safe from harassment to the San Diego Center.
  We will miss you Rigpa; please bless us from across town.
  Best regards,
 Kelly Inman

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