Request to replace GSD, as specified in the Internal Rules

Dear Ven. Geshe Kelsang, Gen-la Khyenrab, Gen Jampa, and Gen Rigpa,

  I understand very well, having heard from noone in the upper management for 2 years, and having seen Dalai Lama (unqualified, plagiarizing his books, mixing dharma) transmissions replacing Ven. Geshe-la’s, that the current GSD-DSD combination does not appear to have the wish for Ven. Geshe-la’s doctrine (that he received from Ven. Trijang Rinpoche to flourish).  The only reason to silence someone about all that has happened, is to squelch opposition to the school being taken over.  Gen-la Dekyong simply mistakes our practice for that of a spirit, and her second in command either does as well, or simply doesn’t know how to lead enough to get us out of this situation.  No one has been willing to come forward, because if they do, they will be the next on Gen-la Dekyong’s list to be farmed out and replaced by neo-FPMT anti-Shugdens.
  Please, I do not know who is on what team, but I do think Ven. Geshe-la, Gen-la Khyenrab, Gens Jampa and Rigpa are all legitimately with Shugden.  I am requesting you formally that you will please start a petition of Shugden people to remove the GSD/DSD.
  Thank you for your consideration.
 Kelly Inman


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