Steve Cowing now refuses to allow communication with Ven. Geshe-la

This is from Steve Cowing, saying he will not give Geshe-la an email from me. Whitewashing and suppression. of the Shugdens in the NKT. If you scroll you will see my response below.
NKT Office
10:59 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
To Kelly Inman

I can’t pass your email to Venerable Geshe-la
Dear Venerable Geshe-la,
Your organization clearly has people who are misleading in their responses. Please help declare the NKT impure due to Dalai Lama style transmissions and please live for a very long time.
Dear Steve Cowing, Gen Rigpa, Gen Jampa, and Gen-la Khyenrab,
If you think there is not one truthful word, then we should debate. And also, I asked which emails you received when. Certainly at first I was not criticizing anyone, just saying you have impure transmission and that Peng mentioned to changing Dharma Protectors in class.
That this is not true is not accurate, nor does it give me the information about which emails were received when. Please understand that I consider you must forward this to Venerable Geshe-la.
You should not threaten a person with police action but realize that you yourself and others could be implicated in a cover-up that some of you have harassed Shugden practitioners by pretending to be in our group when you were with the Dalai Lama instead.
Happy Buddha’s return from heaven day, by the old calendar.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: NKT Office <>
Date: Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 5:55 AM
Subject: Letter from NKT Education Council

To Kelly Inman

So far you have written for over 2 years to Gen Jampa, Gen Rigpa, Gen-la Khyenrab, myself and many other people criticising the NKT’s GSD Gen-la Dekyong, without saying one single truthful word. Your letters are filled with your own hallucinations. The NKT has over 1000 Dharma Centres throughout the world and all the people of these Dharma Centres are our witnesses to prove that Gen-la Dekyong is a pure Dharma practitioner especially a sincere Dorje Shugden practitioner. She is the most qualified Dharma Teacher of both sutra and tantra. Her good heart, teachings and her way of showing a good example are unequaled. All NKT people understand this. We can say the same for Gen-la Kunsang. The reason why we did not previously reply to your letters is that we believe from your way writing you appear to have a mental problem so we didn’t want to cause you more suffering.

However now I would like to suggest that you must please stop writing letters like this in the future. We have the collection of all your previous emails. So now you have a choice either please stop writing these kinds of letters or we will pass your previous emails with your information to the police.

Kind regards
Steve Cowing
NKT Education Council Secretary
to NKT, Gen, Gen
Dear Steve,
I am curious if you can tell me on whose authority it is that you cannot give my letter to Ven. Geshe-la?
I am wondering what on earth you would contact the police for? I have cced everything I wrote to you guys to either Rigpa,Atisha,Jampa or Lhachog, and generally forwarded a copy to the others just mentioned. If there is something that would warrant police action, I am curious what that would be.
I am not sure why you will not tell me what emails you received and when? I certainly asked you enough times.
I do not think it is good for a secretary to refuse to forward emails or respond either, not when it deals with lineage purity. You have also accused me of lying, but without a dialogue.
Please respond.
Thank you,
Kelly Inman


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  1. […]   I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I wrote a lot and counted on Steve Cowing (Secretary of NKT— person in position to remove non-Shugden GSDs if we need them voted out yes?) to forward the emails I sent to the Ed Council, the Financial Council, and also to Dekyong, Kunsang and Ven. Geshe-la.  Everything I wrote was either cced or bcced to Jampa and Rigpa.  Now, in order to be sure what Steve received when, and also to make sure he didn’t edit anything I said, or simply add extra paragraphs and delete the original text, I did ask for confirmation of email receipts.  It is impossible to determine what Steve did with what I said, or if he perhaps might have forged anything.  He was certainly quite inappropriate in not responding for 2 years and exceedingly rude when he finally did.   I would absolutely love an explanation and confirmation of what he has before they wipe servers clean, as often has happened in recent years in the NKT— just around the time Atisha left— I beleive they lost most of the financial data that would cover their embezzlement. If it were checked into by anyone who actually wanted to find wrongdoing, knowing, as I do, that these people are not in our school, then why won’t we?   Best regards,  Kelly Inman Steve Cowing’s First Response to me: 2 years later and very Rude […]



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