Censure from the VBC Sangha for speaking against zen transmissions & asking to stay with Shugden

Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 2:34 PM
Subject: Fwd: Hmmm
To: lotusunfolding <lotusunfolding@cox.net>

This one, requests my silence; how can we have a voice if we are all ignoring one another?  Also, it’s not an opinion, when someone reads zen, it’s a fact, and also, we have a Sangha who intentionally stick their heads in the sand and won’t help one another, against the Bodhistattva vow and the heart committment.

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 1:22 PM, <lotusunfolding@cox.net> wrote:

Hi Kelly,

I respectfully request that you do not send me any more of these letters.
First of all, this is your opinion/experience and really none of my business.
Secondly, as your Sangha sister, I am encouraging you to turn your mind to Dharma and not risk creating future negative karma by criticizing the sincere practitioners and teachers of this precious path.
I do hope that you will take Geshle’s instructions into your heart and clear all obstacles to your own practice and progress along the path to full Enlightenment. This is my wish for you.


—- Kelly Inman <kinman26@gmail.com> wrote:
> November 13, 2013
> Dear Gen-la Dekyong, Gen-la Kunsang, Gen Rigpa, and Gen Jampa,
> I have noticed, I have mentioned in several letters sent over the last
> year, a very serious Dharma situation at the KMC San Diego.  We had very
> perfect and pure dharma transmissions from Gen Atisha; we one phone call
> from England (Gen-la Dekyong) and  we have been in serious dharma decline
> ever since; when I found out Atisha was leaving, I was concerned, since it
> seemed sudden and strange, and illogical that he wasn’t doing a good job.
>  I wasn’t worried once I found out we would have Rigpa, because he also
> gives pure transmissions.  However, we also had Amy, who seemed convinced
> we were giving up Shugden, and put in people who taught all kinds of weird
> zen rime tao mixes, and also taught these herself.  My understanding is
> that Gen-la Dekyong believes Amy Atisha and Rigpa to all be
> interchangeable; if that is true, then I have to say that to me that is
> absolutely lacking in wisdom.
> I get the impression that it is really easy to remove perfect teachers, and
> replace them with what insincere or misguided people want;  however, it is
> next to impossible to fix anything.  We seem to get rid of perfection so
> easily and then wallow in corrupt dharmas for years on end.  Please, I am
> embarrassed that this Center in the county I was born is so corrupt; I
> understand I was committing many heinous acts in past lives, but really,
> could we not show some wisdom in distinguishing good and qualified teachers
> from people like Amy Peng?   Gen-la, this is taking really too long to fix
> this place and surrounding communities.  It has passed the point of
> ridiculous; if you are thinking people like Gregg Lane will look around and
> feel ashamed of themselves for what they have done, please think again.
>  Gregg has little subtlety, but just wants to end our dharma.
>  I understand that we are not to discuss the presence of the Dalai Lama
> people, even if they are taking over our Centers.  I don’t agree this is a
> good idea and am telling you that for the sake of all living beings you
> must amend that policy.  Yes, I understand that generally we don’t want to
> be seen as witchhunting the Dalai Lama people who show up, but let’s
> intersect a little with reality; we have total nonsense in pretending that
> their background and lack of sincerity wouldn’t matter if they teach.
>  Also, if a whole bunch of them show up to one Center and try to vote out a
> teacher, we have to place a safeguard that they can’t just do that.  If
> it’s going to be a democracy, perhaps it needs to be sort of a more
> representative one; in the U.S., we used to have people who would go and
> get people drunk, and talk them into voting for a candidate, and take the
> person to the polls.  For this reason, the bars are all closed on election
> day.  In a similar way, we don’t need to get a bunch of Dalai Lama people
> who show up, with some loose affiliation with our Center, and can convince
> you so easily that our teacher is bad; they don’t need to be able to vote
> out our authentic dharma so easily.
> I don’t know why none of you will communicate about this, but we have
> passed the point where I can or my kid can go to your San Diego temple
> until we get back a Shugden staff.  It’s not bodhisattva activity to help
> continue this charade.  Would I take my daughter to an FPMT temple?  No, I
> would take her to a cave a give her a picture of Buddha first and pray for
> enlightenment; the FPMT temple I wouldn’t set foot inside.  Basically what
> you have at KMC San Diego resembles the staff at an FPMT Center; the
> curriculum is similar: the Dalai Lama loves to mix dharma because he wants
> everyone to mix the dharma, and then, unable to distinguish one school from
> another, we would all be under his control.  I never took him as a lama,
> and won’t be taking him as one.  You have let dharma degeneration go past
> the point of nonsense.
> When it comes to popular dharmas over actual ones, obviously the Buddha
> taught to us to attain full Buddhahood for the sake of all living beings,
> not just hang around reading what makes us popular.  So, if we think that
> the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, etc are popular authors on spirituality,
> well that’s fine.  I think we got rid of pure doctrine in San Diego though,
> because it was too boring or something?  I have never been bored in any
> Kadampa teaching, including Gen Atisha’s.  I have been occasionally bored
> in other dharma teachings (other lineages), but I didn’t consider that the
> lama’s fault but rather that maybe I was obstructed in understanding the
> subject matter.  I don’t think the problem was that Gen Atisha was boring;
> rather, the problem was that he’s not going to give up the Shugden
> practice.  Since he does the Shugden practice, it’d be unlikely that he’d
> suddenly think that he’d really love to follow the advice of the Dalai
> Lama, mix dharmas and make sure our Shugden practice gets wiped out.
> After all of these terrible things happened to our Sangha, and started
> getting worse and worse under Chokyi, we also had the announcement that the
> teacher training program only required 2 years practice.  Geshe-la is
> supposed to be backing this?  Are you sure, because I don’t think he would
> really want to continue it; maybe you are supposed to realize what a bad
> idea that is in this lineage in particular.  To me, only two years sounds
> insane, especially since we get so many people that say they’ve been
> practicing for two years, when maybe all they mean is that they showed up
> to prayers for world peace for a few months 2 years ago.  I think Geshe-la
> probably didn’t mean it was a wonderful idea, especially not if the people
> applying might not really be with us; perhaps you misunderstood him; at any
> rate please check with him again.  Also, I doubt he meant that you were
> supposed to believe all of them; the Dalai Lama ones will lie to us, as the
> always do around here.
> In closing, the thing they are after is our practice; they want to wipe
> Shugden off the earth.  Why are we pretending otherwise?  Why are we
> pretending we have all these sincere people over here?  They are not
> sincere to our lineage, but will lie to us (please see the former writings
> of the past few days) because they think it is virtuous to end our school.
>  Please, you can get rid of Atisha in one phone call, but you can’t require
> sincere Shugden people to replace the members of the coup?  Please, death
> is approaching for all of us, and the cycling of suffering is spinning
> endlessly; we do not have more time to waste this life pretending that some
> people are not lying and aren’t with the Dalai Lama; we need pure dharma or
> there is no way out of samsara.
> Please, it’s time to fix the dharma.  No more pretending.
> Regards,
> Kelly Inman


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