Letter from AD at VBC: driving out the Shugden Sangha, member by member

Please note:
  My daughter had gone to puja for 3 and 1/2 years, and we were asked not to come back right after I sent a third letter to the NKT “Shugden is a Buddha.” There is a letter on this site backing my daughter’s coming to puja; it was just a completely bogus reason— a way to get rid of the Shugden community by the anti-Shugdens at VBC.

u, Mar 28, 2013 at 9:00 AM, Angela Rosenau <admin@sddharma.com> wrote:

Dear Kelly,
It is a most beautiful wish for you to want Kristen to receive imprints by coming to Tsog pujas.  However, in accordance with NKT-IKBU protocol, which is intended to most benefit the community at large, “children may attend empowerments, teachings, and pujas if they can remain still and very quiet so as not to distract others.” At this time, Kristen is at a very active stage in her growth and, accordingly, may not attend pujas. She will, of course, quickly grow past this stage and be happily welcomed back to pujas. In the meantime, as a single mom needing blessings to most benefit you and Kristen, you are always welcome to come to pujas. Louise has kindly offered to babysit Kristen during a WFJ with Tsog or you can plan and budget in a babysitter if you wish on other Tsog days.
Please understand that although Kristen has come to pujas in the past and video link has been set up, the Center is growing and the foyer and other areas are no longer places where you and Kristen can watch via video link. Hopefully, it can bring you joy to adapt to this change and rejoice in knowing that more people are coming to VKBC to meet the Dharma.
t would be deeply appreciated, if you can try to happily accept this and work with VKBC for the benefit of others while rejecting harmful minds that may bring disharmony. In particular, please consider accepting the various ways that VKBC has offered to help you and Kristen connect with the Buddhas.
Please remember, this is all temporary and such momentary challenges can bring the most profound realizations and merit when we sincerely practice cherishing others and patient acceptance.
Most Sincerely,

Angela Rosenau
Administrative Director
Vajrarupini Buddhist Center

———–My response———————–
From: Kelly Inman <kinman26@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: policy for children attending puja
To: Angela Rosenau <admin@sddharma.com>
Cc: Kelsang Chokyi <rt@sddharma.com>Hello Angela,

  Thank you for your response.  I am not clear how we are unable to accommodate a video link in the foyer via skype, whether the Center is growing or not.  I have been told by Chokyi not to write the lineage and also not to discuss all the issues I had with people discussing the Dalai Lama with me, trying to dissuade me from VBC, or directly reading zen books from the podium, or I am causing disharmony.  I am causing disharmony even if these people teach our classes and run our temple?  You are accusing those with the heart commitment of causing disharmony, because we will not allow our lineage to degenerate or say nothing when it does.  The Dalai Lama accuses our lineage of causing disharmony as well, but it is only because we want to practice purely and not involve ourselves in political motives.
  The decision to suddenly ban my daughter from LPP, and be unwilling to accommodate us via skype in the foyer, which we have done sometimes in the past, or to simply move a bookshelf to unblock the video link, does seem political, rather than spiritual.  It comes on the heels of our return to puja immediately following a two month leave of absence, at which time I expressed concerns to Gen-la and Gen Jampa via email concerning the spiritual purity of our lineage.  It seems like an RT decision, since she was the one who insisted that Kristen be in the gompa for LPP, and is now basing the new ban on having received an alleged complaint.  When we went out into the community room, 5 feet from the gompa door, obviously that is close enough to hear movement.  She wasn’t actually running around; if that looks imminent I have always taken her outside.  The complaint couldn’t have reasonably come from the AD or the EPC, as neither Angela or Stephanie were at LPP that evening.   As previously stated, since Tom, Louise, Kathleen, and Lora Driscoll all asked us back to puja, and since they combined with Kristen and me form a majority of people that attend LPP on a regular basis, then it seems that we mustn’t be bothering the normal practioners from the foyer.  It does seem that the RT is retaliating against me for having brought up some issues to the lineage.  My daughter is not noisy at puja; not when we are by video link in the foyer.  If there is not a willingness to accommodate Long Protector puja for a child who has come regularly since infancy, and since there is a majority of people who attend that monthly who asked us both back, then I would have to say that it is VBC that is not willing to accommodate  rather than me or my child.  I actually will practice LPP with her at home, as we have done in the two months leave of absence we took; I have a copy of Melodious Drum from Tharpa on my computer.
  Budgeting for babysitters only works if there is enough money to budget from; even without paid babysitting, my daughter and I barely have enough money to make it month to month; I am on Social Security disability, and we have very little money toward basic necessities like food and clothing.  Furthermore, I can’t see any reason to leave someone, who does behave, as Lora’s letters both indicate, under normal circumstances in the foyer.  It does seem like Chokyi’s absolutely insisting that Kristen remain in the gompa for LPP, and instigating a ban just 5 days before Jampa’s arrival, claiming noise, is simply an attempt to severe the ties of my daughter to the practicing Shugden Sangha; she is welcome in the kid’s class, but the kid’s class has not been run by those with the heart committment to Dorje Shugden since Atisha’s departure.Concerning the Kid’s class, I have already written the NKT with my concerns about the Kid’s class and the current situation at VBC which seems rather unfavorable to those of us who have a heart commitment to Dorje Shugden.
  Asking for teachers to uphold Je Tsongkapa’s doctrine is not disharmonious, nor does it stem from a disharmonious mind; it is rather a mind based on the teachings of Je Tsongkapa.  The claim that I am disharmonious for requesting pure teachings and access to lineage blessings for my daughter in puja, begs the immediate question: disharmonious with whom?  I am in complete harmony with Je Tsongkapa and Dorje Shugden here; I have a heart commitment and a wish to help all living beings by having this tradition continue purely, not with hodgepodge doctrines or people who have spoken directly against our lineage influencing our children.
  We consider ourselves members of the NKT, and I will return to VBC only when the pure Kadam dharma is reasonably restored we are no longer ostracized for our heart commitments to pure Kadam dharma, and the retaliation has ceased. 
  Thank you, Angela, for at least communicating with me.  I remember my daughter and I drove to a White Tara empowerment with Kathleen, that Gen Rigpa while Atisha was still in residence.  May White Tara and Dorje Shugden thoroughly bless you, all of VBC, and all sentient beings.
  Kelly Inman

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