Thank you and farewell: A Shugden Person’s reason for leaving the NKT

This letter explains why I felt it necessary to officially leave the NKT

Dear Venerable Geshe-la,                                                                                           January 5, 2015

I hope this letter finds you in good health.  I wanted to sincerely thank you, from the depths of my heart, for all the wonderful teachings I received from you in Portugal, and you via Atisha, Jampa, and Rigpa.  I will always love Dorje Shugden and ask him to remain in my heart, though he may be changing form soon.

I do not want to leave Dorje Shugden! So I hope he will come with me to protect the lojong and lam rim teachings I have gotten via you and the three monks I mentioned.  The teachings from all four of you are really perfect, and your books are really immensely helpful.

I feel the blessing of you/Je Tsongkhapa to leave your school.  I think I am supposed to try to get back in touch with Karmapa (Thaye Dorje).  I will always love Dorje Shugden and all of you.  Also, I am much improved as a person thanks to your perfect lojong teachings disseminated via Atisha and Rigpa, as well as the lam rim meditations; Dorje Shugden seems to protect my lojong, so I hope (pray) that he will keep protecting it so I will do a mindful lojong practice.

If at, no offense, some point your school has Shugden teachers for the kids’ class and my daughter wants to go, I would love to take her there.  I don’t know what the path has ahead; I prefer books, but sometimes Milarepa takes them away from people and makes us meditate. Actually your lam rim books (the New Guide to Meditation) really helped my meditation, and generation of compassion and better understanding of bodhichitta.  Also Dorje Shugden really helps with all of that for me, so I think he is indispensable for Buddhism .  I will speak up in favor of Shugden followers, and always love Dorje Shugden.

For now, I am going to continue with some of your practices, like Shugden, I think, and lam rim, but I may focus on the Kagyu Ngnodro soon.

I cannot tell you how immensely powerful your blessings have been in changing how my mind is working; I had never understood the lojong very much until I received Eight Steps to Happiness teachings from Gen Atisha.  I love your lineage and Je Tsonghkhapa/Dorje Shugden and feel very strong blessings from them.  I will be happy to let my daughter ordain in your school, if that is still her wish, when she is the right age, as long as you are still with Dorje Shugden and have pure teachings available.  I would also like to bring her to your school if she so desires, once you get Shugden lamas teaching things again.  She told me she likes Lama Ole (the one Kagyu I took her to) but he doesn’t have songs, and she wants the Geshe-la temple.  So I think she is Kadamapa.  That is goodJ.  If she is Gelugpa then I thank all the Buddhas she is protected by Dorje Shugden.

I cannot thank you enough times.  I request when I am powaed someday, you and Dorje Shugden will help with the powa, along with Karmapa.  Also I request that for all living beings.  Please bless us that Buddha Shugden will always protect and help guide us no matter what school we are in.  Also, when I become a Buddha, I would like to emanate into your lineage as well as Karmapas, and help with Buddha Maitreya’s teachings when he comes (he’s Tsonghkhapa/Manjushri, so I think he’s you, so I am requesting that of you as well).

I will really miss your perfect monks with their perfect teachings.  They are really great at demonstrating how to be bodhisattvas, always doing perfect lojong and helping all living beings with what they say.  (I think they are emanations of you, so thank you again).

I have never taken the HYT, but I think I am supposed to do that in Karmapa’s school, though I don’t know how or when.  I feel it is ok with you and Dorje Shugden, because I never took the HYT from anyone ever, so I don’t have vajra (?) commitments.  I did take the Dorje Shugden heart commitment, but I did it by offering to do whatever he would want, as long as he lets me know what that is.  I feel what he wants is for me to go to Karmapa Thaye Dorje.

So, I am very sad to be leaving Rigpa, Jampa’s teachings, but to not go would be denial of the path at this point.  So, thank you so infinitely very much for your blessings, and perfect teachings and books.  I will always love you and Dorje Shugden.  (My daughter is free to come back to your school if there are Shugden people teaching again). Please bless us that we will quickly become a Buddha for the sake of all living beings.

Sincerely, and with love,

Kelly Inman


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