Liberation from Sorrow; posted one year later

This is one of the many letters I sent by email to the NKT office, for which Steve Cowing threatens to call the police, and says there is not a word of truth.  Well, I think my dharma reasoning is in line with Buddha’s Mahayana teachings, and I also have right speech because I know what happened; I am just reporting it.

Dear Gen Jampa and Gen Rigpa,                                               January 27, 2014

I am writing you today, the 27th of January, the anniversary of the liberation of the death camp at Auschwitz, with the sincere wish that all beings can quickly become Buddhas, so that no more horrible sufferings like Auschwitz or other occasional hells will ever happen again.  Most of humanity cannot understand how the atrocities in the 2nd world war occurred, and while I often grapple with this, I basically remember that it was a society nearly meditating on hatred for an othered group, in this case the Jews, that in its full ripening manifested as the death camps, which must be occasional hells.  Relatively of course, we should always work to make sure that people are being taught tolerance of one another, but ultimately of course the best way to end things like Auschwitz forever is to help every being become Buddhas.  I am always completely sickened when I think of the Holocaust, especially when I think of the million plus children murdered in the camps.  I don’t want anything like this ever happening anywhere in any realms again, so everyone needs access to pure Buddha dharma; this includes our youngest members, who have lacked pure teachings at San Diego since the time Gen Atisha left.

We must help the little children become compassionate and wise people, of course, as Buddhists, but wiping our lineage off the earth, or keeping children from our lineage for years on end, could give the perpetrators approximately the same karma of the Nazis running Auschwitz; I always pray that the people in the camps are in good realms meeting Buddha dharma and do Vajrasattva a lot for the Nazis who inflicted such mental and physical torture on millions of other humans.  I also do Vajrasattva for the Dalai Lama people who are clearly at our school.  Please remember, both of you, that I was approached by some of these people directly, “befriended” and used to find out what practice I was doing and how deeply involved I was with Dorje Shugden, and dissuaded from coming back by some of the practioners we have as teachers, including but not limited to the kids’ teachers;  basically that and the nonsense with my daughter’s 10 months exclusion from puja, not to mention the fact that the Sangha is run mostly by people with no discernible trace of liking Shugden, has lead to basically what seems like erasing our family from the San Diego Center.

I have been very worried about my daughter’s inability to receive kids’ and families teachings from anyone remotely qualified (or discernibly with our lineage) and also her complete ostricism from the puja subset of the Sangha.  I have been ostracized too, of course, and have no available Sangha in San Diego unless I will agree to Dalai Lama people teaching us Geshe Kelsang’s transmissions.  Since it is faulty logic that they can teach us when they think our root guru is a demon/sprit worshiper/non-Buddha then we are left at loose ends in San Diego.  Furthermore, the Dalai Lama is teaching hatred when he teaches against Shugden, which as we know in its full ripening leads to hells. Why would we want to help increase suffering by leaving these people in their positions?

As I have mentioned previously, I am very delighted that my daughter has had the opportunity to attend 11 or so empowerments, including one from Geshe-la, three from Jampa, and the remainder from Rigpa.  Kristen was also present at a few other VBC empowerments.  I was worried though, that since we have no local Sangha and certainly no teachings available on a regular basis on the kids level for her, that her dharma would be suffering.  I do think it would benefit all living beings very much if we could have a qualified kid’s class by someone who really likes Shugden; it would help the children to have good Shugden role models and also a community of support.  Right now, we have no way to connect at all with anyone genuine; if we consider what happened to my little family, it is reasonable that potential practioners have been discouraged from coming or even forced out (like they did also with Gen Atisha).  So there is really no way for harmony or unity when we are dealing with people who really think our lineage should not exist and feel they are doing their root guru (DL) a favor by getting rid of our Protector.

I am also concerned because our lack of teaching standards is allowing people to teach who not only are not from our lineage but seem (in some cases have admitted outright) that they prefer the teachings of the Dalai Lama and are really dubious about Shugden.  (Please reference VBC in Crisis).  Now, one problem with the Dalai Lama is that despite his lying and claiming religious tolerance, he really uses political doublespeak to other the Shugden community; people are persecuted to the point of violence in India over doing our practice obviously; so why on earth would I want to associate or allow my daughter to associate with people who think the Dalai Lama’s ideas are right?  He is one of the most serious liars in Buddhism, which is really not surprising as he is also a dictator-politician.  I am not sure why we cannot do anything about this, but the reticence of people in the NKT to speak out in favor of our lineage and Dorje Shugden really disturbs me.

So, I am requesting that we could please overhaul the Sangha in San Diego soon; I really feel it would benefit all living beings for there to be a strong Shugden community in Southern California.  As for my daughter herself, I know it is really beneficial to get teachings from Geshe-la himself; I became less concerned she wasn’t getting enough dharma a few weeks ago when she started playing a version of “I’ve got your nose,” with me.  She told me she took my nose, hands, feet, arms, head and legs, then she said, “Okay, so you are not a people anymore.”  Expecting I was now a penguin or something I asked “oh so what am I?”  She yelled “you’re empty!”  So I thought, okay, this is a good sign, because we have just been to the Prajnaparimita empowerment from Geshe-la.  Now, I don’t know what she really knows about the word ‘empty’ because emptiness is really a hard one so I get of course quite mixed up on it.  But I take it as a good sign that her imprints are activating by having met Geshe-la;  I still think it would be helpful to the continuum of all herself and all living beings if we could get qualified kids teachings on a regular basis and have Sangha friends.  Then we could propel everyone to a state of awakening, with no more Auschwitz type suffering possible ever.

I really think we should check into the teaching standards again.  I really need our Dharma Protector (Dorje Shugden) in order to go to Buddhahood myself; if we want Auschwitz sufferings to end for everyone, then I need to be able to receive qualified teachings from our lineage.  We seem too much into popular dharma which is potentially removing our tradition from the earth, which would delay my enlightenment as well as that of others.  Please no more little children or other mother sentient beings need to ever experience sufferings like Auschwitz or other hells ever again; as you are both lamas I know you understand the only way to end the suffering is for the 6 realms to cease, otherwise we are always in potential danger of Auschwitz or other similar evils ripening; so please so that we may end this terrible suffering of all living beings by propelling everyone to Buddhahood, may we please restore our tradition to that of Dorje Shugden and Je Tsongkapa.

Thank you for your consideration.  May all beings benefit.

Best regards,

Kelly Inman


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