Why is teaching zen allowed in the NKT?

In the Public Interest:
Sent today, since I have never heard about this for two years from anyone by asking the NKT directly and privately, I am posting this here so people will understand what is going on:
Dear Amy Peng,
I had written the NKT about two years ago, concerning your mixing lineages in your teachings at the San Diego Center; I never heard back specifically about why it was okay for you to teach zen; I am not sure why you told our kids’ class we might be changing Dharma Protectors. Would you mind giving me your reasons for this? I will include the paper; please understand, it’s not that I will ever think badly of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, but people like you, who break his heart commitment all to pieces have made me realize that the Dalai Lama’s school is very intent on destroying the Kadam Tradition. I am so sorry, Amy, that you show so little respect for our tradition as to teach visualizing a happy face at our heart, allowing Gregg Lane to teach from a zen book, and also telling our kids’ class that we may not be staying with Dorje Shugden. Would you like to tell me what you meant by all of that, and how you think it keeps the Dorje Shugden/Je Tsongkhapa heart commitment? If you are Kadampa why would you do this to our school? You have made me see you and the people (Dekyong, Ed council) in a bad light as they sent you to teach us. If you are with another school, why stay here and mislead people? There are tons of Shugden lamas; even Tsem Rinpoche just came out; you will not succeed in changing our protector, though you have succeeded in obstructing our pure Dharma.