NKT Shugdens: Get your Heads out of the Sand: Dalai Lama infiltration in ISC via the compromised NKT : why we must not be fools to reality of the Dalai Lama takeover

Venerable Geshe-la, along with 9 other lamas below him are the top 10 Shugden people heading Dalai Lama’s anti-Shugden list.  Countless lamas from other traditions have reported issues in dealing with the Dalai Lama’s people; they face death threats; they face persecution, they have people hanging around them in monasteries to keep an eye (spy) on them.  At the top of the list in in 1996, Ven. Geshe Kelsang has largely been in hiding in the UK in the past 19 years; despite the problems he and others overtly face, members of his NKT school in many cases, and most likely because they wanted to avoid inner conflict in the school, act as though it would be impossible that anyone would show up and be a long term Geshe Kelsang “disciple” with an ulterior motive (that of reporting back what Geshe-la does) or of sabotaging the school.  Perhaps people think that since Ven. Geshe-la is Je Tsongkhapa, he wouldn’t allow this to happen; I take a different view; while I do believe Ven. Geshe-la to be in fact Manjushri/Je Tsongkhapa I also think he can give wisdom teachings by helping us learn to walk the path for ourselves; for instance he always reiterates to examine even Buddha’s teachings for ourselves; in Portugal he reminded us we are in a democracy; that is, we have the ability to elect and un-elect officials.  It is important to realize that we are foolish if we think we will know when to un-elect officials if we follow them blindly; it is also foolish to think that all these lamas, including Ven. Geshe-la himself would have all these death threats and issues, but within the NKT itself we would politely be left entirely alone by Dalai Lama people.  Beyond foolish, it is really ludicrous and illogical.

There are more than one group of Shugden Buddhists; that is, more than just Ven. Geshe-la has Shugden as their Protector.  However, the NKT is obviously the largest western group of Buddhists, so when we staff a thing like the International Shugden Community (ISC) we do so with a lot of NKT people available.  Now, not everyone who comes to the NKT has to be a Shugden at all— everyone is certainly welcome according to the posted sign and literature.  I was welcome, along with my daughter, and we fully embraced Shugden Buddhism; I’d already been Buddhist for 9 years and was already inoculated against the Dalai Lama’s attempts at destroying Buddhism by having nothing to do with him whenever possible, as a result of having met the 17th Karmapa, the real one, that the Dalai Lama refuses to acknowledge, Thaye Dorje.  Happily noticing that nothing the Dalai Lama says can have any validity if he cannot tell the Karmapa when he sees one, I also judged Shugden Buddhism worthy on its own merits; I don’t care about the Dalai Lama’s opinion on anything, you see, at all.  I see he is a liar concerning Karmapa so that he is lying about other things certainly didn’t surprise or phase me.  He says Shugden is a demon; he says the same about Shamar Rinpoche, or at least his followers do; no one could be more mistaken in either case.  Shamar Rinpoche is recognized by the 16th Karmapa as the mind emanation of Amitaba and he is who recognized the real Karmapa, according to tradition.  The Dalai Lama says Shugden is a demon when in fact Shugden is Buddha Manjushri.  Forgive me, but if the Dalai Lama tells you it is safe to cross the street, do look both ways before doing what he says.

When I joined the NKT, I became integrated with the very small puja community at the temple, and did puja regularly for about 4 years (approximately once a week or sometimes twice) and was enrolled in a study program for most of the time between 2009-2015; my daughter and I attended a kids’ class for about a year and a half or 2 years, before the Dalai Lama people came in earnest to take over our temple.  We did offerings, both water and Dorje Shugden for our temple on a scheduled basis at least 2x a week for over a year, gardened, and distributed publicity for 3 or 4 years.  We did some light cleaning and were in attendance by video link to about 13 empowerments over 6 years; we have had almost no contact with the “Sangha” of that temple except occasionally at KMC California and Hollywood for California Dharma Celebrations and empowerments; it through KMC California’s Gen Rigpa, who seems like Je Tsongkhapa too, that I took the last 2 or so years of correspondence.

I know, as I have written that we have many people who came to change our transmissions after Geshe Kelsang retired as General Spiritual Director.

First we had Gen-la Khyenrab, who seems like a bona-fide excellent Geshe-la person and Shugden person; however, his second-in-command, Dekyong, stepped up into position when Gen-la Khyenrab stepped down due to illness.  We did not officially vote on Dekyong being in charge until later is my understanding, but she had already begun re-arranging people, is my surmise, by then.  (For instance almost immediately a former WSS spokesperson was tossed out of a position of power and influence over who works in the NKT offices, as far as I understand. Perhaps I am wrong on exactly her position, but I believe she could have helped ask for Gen-la’s removal or at least been in a position to keep the anti-Shugdens out.  Forgive my lack of knowledge, but not a single person will actually discuss any of this with me, as it is seen as non-virtuous to talk against Gen-la Dekyong, as she supposedly is the very voice of Geshe-la.  The person who was asked to step down was Kelsang Pema).

I notice that our own temple had a perfect disciple and monk of Ven. Geshe unceremoniously and acrimoniously tossed out to go work on computers; his replacement was an entirely unqualified teacher named Amy Peng who immediately allowed zen and other transmissions expressly disallowed by the NKT Internal Rules.  Those rules, have only been (mis) used to keep Shugdens out as has the Dharma itself since Gen-la Dekyong took power.  This woman shuffled everything around and stepped down; a subsequent teacher forbade my discussions of the zen being taught and my writing Dekyong or the ed council. When I did not listen, my Dorje Shugden -loving- kid and I were unceremoniously barred from everything that had anything to do with Dorje Shugden.

During this time, I had repeatedly asked for the Dorje Shugden empowerment to be given in San Diego; it had kept being re-scheduled and cancelled pretty much the same way the Shugden monk got tossed out.  Finally, Gen Jampa gave the empowerment at a California Dharma Celebration; already having noticed there were many anti-Shugdens all over my temple, I soon noticed more.  ( https://redblackfireandwind.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/18/ and https://redblackfireandwind.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/shugden-family-excluded-from-protests-and-nkt-events-by-nkt-people/   )  I took the Dorje Shugden Heart Commitment that day, from Gen Jampa from the NKT.  It is with the Dorje Shugden heart commitment that I write, inspired by the blessings and knowledge of the Great Protector Dorje Shugden.

To be clear, it was a lot of people, several in California, all making issues to get rid of the Shugdens while they came in to pretend they were Geshe-la’s chosen ones.  They are liars, in my opinion, as what they do is deceive people, and in some cases, I have heard them directly lying (as in the ones from my own temple).

The ISC itself, when I finally heard they were protesting, certainly did not inform me, who had already been tossed out for saying “Shugden is a Buddha” to the ed. Council.  Better to get rid of the Shugdens in an area where we began the protests and where the two new spokespeople for the Dalai Lama in the ISC would now take center stage: Len and Rebecca Foley/Gauthier.  I surmise they are Dalai Lama because they would not call Shugden a Buddha and other issues I delineate here: ( https://redblackfireandwind.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/isc-infiltration-the-ctas-shugden-hit-list-and-the-nkts-anti-shugden-interface/ ).

If we are so afraid to say that we are compromised, oh ye who remain in the Shugden parts of the NKT, then what will happen when we gather to protest?

  1. People will be not as informed of protests— like me on the first one; even later ones were hard to get info about.
  2. People in charge will run interference and make bad rules to keep people out.
  3. People who speak for us will downplay the ban in everyway possible with the press as Len and Rebecca whose guru yoga seems to involve Tenzin Gyatso rather than Kelsang Gyatso, will be the ones to speak. So this makes us wonder— what good would it do to have a giant crowd there if everything we are trying to do will be downplayed and sabotaged by the spokespeople.  Do we want 500 people there so they can mention that a couple of shops didn’t let people who worshiped a certain deity in, or do we want to have 500 people and say there is apartheid, let’s tell you how it works.  Well, with Len and Rebecca our only choice is downplayed.  A lot of people who are actual Shugdens or are sincere Geshe Kelsang people didn’t come to the 2nd round of protests we had this past July.  And why? Because perhaps they realize the protests are being sabotaged and can’t say anything.
  4. The negotiations will go horribly, not end the ban, and let the Dalai Lama off the hook should we ever get a chance to talk to him.

So, when we are blocked and over-run in every direction, when all hope is nearly lost if not lost for the NKT, then I rely on Shugden for helping us even more strongly.  We must remove the Dalai Lama people from positions where they speak and influence others in the NKT and ISC.  Regular people like me have no access to other Shugdens nor are we allowed to meet Shugden lamas, because all the money is being spent on the wrong people talking for us (the anti-Shugdens in America/England for instance).

May Dorje Shugden bless us until all beings become full Buddhas,

Kelly Inman


Poisoning the NKT with Dalai Lama mixing: Dekyong’s anti-Shugden coup

I sent this letter to Ven. Geshe-la yesterday; however, I have no way of knowing does he receive anything because we are up to the eyeballs in anti-Shugdens in the NKT office, courtesy of “Gen-la” Dekyong.

Dear Ven. Geshe-la,

  I understand I must not be your student directly, because I never met you and have certainly not been welcome in the NKT since Gen-la Dekyong took power.
  She is like a poison medicine that someone gives us instead of the real medicine— because she is giving us only medicine that will allow our minds and school to be taken by the Dalai Lama.
  I need help; I never could really transform my mind until I met Dorje Shugden— not really inwardly— until then.  I think of all my gurus— all are like Manjusrhri or Shakyamuni— or Chenresig, so I do not see any difference in the essence of you or Karmapa, for example.
  What see is the difference of the medicine— sort of— in the end the medicine does the same thing— but I guess some people respond better to some types of medicine than others.
  I need the Dorje Shugden medicine— I also— need a guru because I see Dorje Shugden as my lama who is alway with me, but I think we are supposed to be around human beings as well, correct?  I don’t know.
  The problem we have in your school is we have a GSD who is counterfiting medicine– she takes the outer capsule that resembles your medicine but then she puts the poison of the Dalai Lama inside all the capsules.  When one takes the medicine, the difference is very discernible.  She would take the Dharma meaning away because she tries to take away Shugden.
  The monks and nuns I have known, the ones that my daughter and I loved so much, the ones that supposedly mailed pictures of my daughter to you (when she was happy in your temple) now think they are very virtuous not to talk to us or email me.  It is strange, and part of the result of the poison medicine.  They think to say anything against Dekyong will reflect badly on the NKT?  Well how does it look when they defend the counterfet medicine, such a poison to the pure lineage of Je Tsongkhapa that she provideds.
   I don’t know where I belong, but please bless me that I can keep the path to Buddhahood and Dorje Shugden as my lama; please bless me that I will find a Shugden lama to accept me soon.  I have letters out to Kundeling Rinpoche and Tsem Tulku Rinpoche.  I will miss Rigpa’s perfect teachings as well, but I have not, due to the common (bad very bad) karma of Dekyong been able to access them much.  I will work on my karma, but perhaps you can bless me to find the right way.
  I am asking your help, because I feel many beings will suicide or be otherwise lost because of the horrible connection of Dalai Lama Dharma that Gen-la Deyong poisons the school with.
  Maybe you can teach your students to treat us like humans; I have never felt so horrified or horrible in my life as the complete utter rejection by your Dekyong led “Sangha” who have completely removed themselves from my life for mentioning that we were taught zen (directly) in class etc..  So for trying to keep your heart commitment, I loose all my teachers?  I understand my karma is obviously strange, but I doubt I am alone in feeling horrible in your school.  Please bless my obstacles to clear. 
  In the heart commitment to Dorje Shugden,
  Kelly Inman

How the Dalai Lama’s taking over the NKT destroyed my child’s and my spiritual life, Part 1

Included are two early emails, one from me to the Educational Council Representatives and from Lora Driscoll to the RT, which I also sent to the Educational Coucil Reps, about how she supports us coming to puja, as we had done for years.  My family was heavily involved in the NKT group from spring 2009 until we were suddenly removed from our local center in 2013.  I continued taking courses from Gen Rigpa in KMC California until 2015, when eventually, due to his now being National Spiritual Director and reliant on the Dalai Lama-style substitute teachers that Gen-la Dekyong provided, meant I rarely got a teaching from him. We used to do offerings (on offerings rotation) 2x a week, plus were often called into back up; we gardened, and attended weekly WFJ, monthly Long Protector, and bi-monthly OSG, as well as monthlyTara.  Our attendence at these Dorje Shugden pujas I estimate at 90 percent attendence over 4 years and OSG was more like 70 or 80 percent attendence.  We had been to the kids class 2x a month from fall 2009 till 2011; in 2011 we started coming once a week (the class was once a week back then); after 6 months I realized that we were not being ever taught Geshe-la’s meditation transmissions but were given zen and tao like stuff; when we switched resident teachers yet again, a woman who had very recently been strongly advocating against Dorje Shugden and who had been very pro-Dalai Lama to me at my home, was selected as kids’ class teaching assistant, a role that involves direct spiritual assistance to the kids when the teacher is gone; at any rate, she had tried to befriend us, dropped us when I wouldn’t convert to Dalai Lama, which hurt my kids’ feelings.  She was only 2 and a 1/2 but kept asking for the woman’s little girl to play with. Obvioulsy, I couldn’t explain to a 2 year old that the lady quit talking to us since I wouldn’t give up Geshe-la’s Dharma PRotector and didn’t want to follow the Dalai lama.  The woman also kept trying to get me to go anywhere but Geshe-la’s temples.  Obviously, I did not think this would be a healthy relationship to re-introduce my child to.  I didn’t want my kid to think the lady hated her because I wouldn’t give up Shugden, and in turn start hating Shugden or me.

We kept coming to puja until thrown out, shortly after I wrote the General Spiritual Director for the 3rd time in 4 months.  The people have been shuffled and replaced; we mostly have Dalai Lama people at the school.  I continued weekly correspondence classes with Gen Ripga in KMC California until 2015; at that point since he travels so much as the Western National Spiritual Director, and since Dekyong made available mostly Dalai Lama people as back-up teachers— I dropped out simply because even 25 dollars a month reduced fee is too much to give the Sangha if it is going to Dalai Lama people’s attempt at over throw and I was not getting many good teachings as I was getting Dalai Lama substitutes for Gen Rigpa’s perfect transmissions.

My child really missed our Sangha, but they all broke off contact and we haven’t talked to anyone for years other than if we run into them for a minute— usually at a KMC California empowerment — they will hypocritically act as though they miss us, when they are responsible for actively removing us and other actual Shugdens from the school.  The Dalai Lama people taking over the school have been actively trying to pretend I in no way exist since 2013 when we got tossed by their coup.

———————— Email to Roy Tyson and Steve Cowing—– never answered—–

February 15, 2013

Dear Steve Cowing and Roy Tyson,

I hope this letter finds you well and the pure Kadam dharma flourishing generally in the NKT.   I sent you some email attachments that expressed some concerns I have about Vajrarupini Buddhist Center in San Diego.  I had, as I mentioned in one of the letters, attempted to discuss the matters in question with the RT, Chokyi, for over a year before writing the NKT.  Chokyi does not seem concerned that people teach other transmissions at our Center; after I discussed that Gregg Lane read a Zen book to the Kids class, and that Amy herself was discussing openly in class that we might not have Dorje Shugden as our NKT dharma protector anymore (Kids and Families class) she still has Gregg Lane teach at least day courses/workshops at VBC.  My understanding is that his ‘Sunday School Format’ for the kids class is the one we are currently following, which in addition to being modeled after a Christian Sunday School, is also a place where I am not comfortable sending my child, since she may or may not receive our lineage transmissions there; I don’t wish to confuse my child into thinking that the Kadam transmission include the Tao and other non-Buddhist teachings.

 Having been in two other lineages before coming to this one, I am perfectly happy if children go with their own families to another lineage to receive teachings, if that is what they wish.  The Buddha taught Mahayana Dharma in different transmissions to meet the different karmic needs of different beings.  However, when I come to this Center, I must reiterate that I am looking for the Geshe Kelsang transmissions; I get the impression that Gregg Lane, who teaches and instigates a lot of changes at VBC, and some of his friends, many of whom openly discourage others from doing puja, feel that perhaps we are not an open minded enough group and wish to help us receive other dharmas here.

 While it is good to be open-minded, a really open-minded person, having discerned for themselves what transmission of Buddha’s teachings to follow, should not be prevented from receiving those transmissions.  This Center, which is supposed to be an NKT one, should encourage the NKT transmissions and practices.  I am concerned that Dorje Shugden’s practice is being discouraged by those who ‘don’t like puja.’  I am also concerned that if we allow people to teach, such as Gregg Lane, who openly bring in other transmissions, discourage puja, etc., that we are hindering our progress on the path.  

Chokyi has chosen some people that do not seem to be interested in propagating Shugden; her new EPC had never done Dorje Shugden offerings or been to a Long Protector Puja before becoming EPC.  When posting on the VBC Facebook page, she will not refer to Dorje Shugden as a Buddha, despite my repeated requests.  When I mentioned this to Chokyi, the RT, Chokyi informed me that a lot of people coming to VBC do not even know what a Buddha is, so mentioning that on the Facebook page really wouldn’t help anything.  

I no longer attend the Kid’s and Families class with my daughter; the current class assistant, chosen when Gregg Lane wished to change the format, was in an FP class with me; she is very pro other transmissions than Geshe Kelsang, is a bit dubious about Geshe Kelsang, and volunteered the information that she just didn’t bother with the FP puja requirement.  I also do not quite trust the way that the RT has ignored helping people discover our Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden and seems compliant with allowing random spiritual transmissions.  Her EPC, Stephanie Gaschet, who appears afraid to mention that Dorje Shugden is a full Buddha, will be teaching a new teen class; while having an EPC who does not appear comfortable admitting openly that Dorje Shugden is a Buddha is a problem for the entire community, putting people who are unwilling to propagate Shugden as the teacher for NKT young people is a formula for ending a lineage; they are our next generation of practioners, after all.

I am not sure what is going on here in even the conventional sense, but I really feel that we should encourage our lineage to flourish by helping people of all ages get the correct transmissions.  If the people that are teaching are not committed to our practices, how will they inspire new people to these practices?  I am asking again for better teaching standards so that our lineage will flourish until all beings have attained full Buddhahood.

I am truly sorry this is happening; after writing Gen Jampa and Gen-la, Chokyi asked me in an email to not write anyone else.  Two days ago, I received a phone call from Chokyi; she told me in the call that my daughter, Kristen, who has been attending tsog pujas by video link would not be allowed to come back to puja; Kristen also attended 3 empowerments at VBC by video link, and I received several compliments about how quiet she is during these events.  (I bring quiet activities for her to do so that she can get the blessings and transmissions).  When we took a leave of absence from October to January from attending tsog puja and offerings, 4 out of 7 regular puja attendees specifically asked us to come back.  (We are tsog puja regular attendees numbers 5 and 6 from the group of 7).

I am enclosing a copy of a letter that one tsog attendee wrote on our behalf to Chokyi; please understand that I would never keep my daughter in the video link room if we are noisy; rather we have always gone for a walk outside in the lovely temperate climate of San Diego, or just gone 10 paces from the Center to the bus stop, and headed home.  My daughter requests puja both at home and “at the Buddhas.”  I think, in other words, that people who do not attend puja may be the ones that do not want my daughter in video link outside the gompa, because it seems like perhaps some of them may be laboring under the delusion that Dorje Shugden is a gyalpo (spirit), and out of compassion, wish to protect her.  While it is compassionate of them to be concerned, it is not wisdom, since he is really a Buddha.  Since around the time of Atisha’s departure, I have noted a tendency at VBC of those ambivalent about/not so keen on Shugden to have gotten into teaching and administrative and board of director positions while those of us that want to practice Shugden are being shown the door.  I think an investigation of the board of directors, the EPC, RT, and the changes since Atisha left would benefit those who do potentially like Shugden and those of us who have already noted that we require him for full Buddhahood.


Kelly Inman
————————————————— sent a copy of this to the Ed council reps Steve Cowing and Roy Tyson; Steve Cowing is also the Secretary of the NKT who never wrote me back until 2 years later. When he did, he claims every word I said was a lie.—-

(My note: this letter was sent to Chokyi Resident Teacher in San Diegoon February 13th, 2013 from Lora Driscoll. )

Lora’s Letter:

Dear Chokyi,

I would like to add my support to Kelly’s request that Kristen continue to attend

pujas and empowerments.  In the 4 years Kelly and Kristen have attended VBC

I have never witnessed any disruptions of any kind.  Additionally, I have not heard 

a single complaint from other members of the sangha. 

However, if having Kristen in the gompa is a problem then I strongly encourage you

to allow Kristen to remain in the community room with her mother.  I know that Louise

cared for Kristen at the last OSG. If that is the concern I agree that child care is not an 

obligation of our sangha but I also know that Kelly does not expect child care.  I recall’

though, that you told Kelly that another child had been at an event and there was no 

problem but Kelly pointed out that a baby is different than a 4 year old.  Your sudden

change from encouraging Kelly to have Kristen in the gompa for puja to denying

her attendance is confusing.

I cannot come up with any valid reason to deny Kristen’s attendance at pujas and

empowerments (either in the gompa or the community room) and I sincerely hope 

that she will be permitted to continue her 4 years of attending pujas.

Thank you for any consideration you give to this matter.



In all things, may we remember our heart commitment to Dorje Shugden and Je Tsongkhapa

Aug 29 2015

Dear Ven. Geshe-la, Gen-la Khyenrab, Gen Rigpa, and Gen Jampa,

It has been a long time in your school, since Ven. Geshe-la stepped down; we briefly had normalcy when Gen-la Khyenrab was in charge, then Dekyong got put in.

I have been treated very badly, harassed by anti-Shugdens who come to the NKT, and I was kept almost completely in the dark about the ISC protests; I certainly never get to help in any useful way either in the NKT or in the ISC, because Dekyong has so faithfully to her guru (the Dalai Lama) put anti-Shugdens in all over the place.

It is really unreal, and frankly obnoxious, how people act as though I am non-virtuous for simply giving a factual account of what has happened in front of my very eyes about lineage transmissions changing.  People like Gen Atisha, Gen-la Khyenrab, and Gen Dorning have been nothing but obnoxious about how virtuous and perfect they pretend everything Dekyong does, whereas I MUST be non-virtuous for even saying that someone might be reading zen (right in front of us, directly from a zen book) or teaching the wrong teachings by teaching the happy face at the heart meditation— well they say…. You know Dekyong IS Geshe-la.  Person after person has asked me (about what I am writing) and told me that they disagree, and then has never spoken to me again; in Gen-la Khyenrab’s case, he apparently told his EPC not to allow any more messages from me at that address, and then also unfriended and blocked me on Facebook.  My social-media savvy friends inform me that this is the same as saying “F you” to someone (but written all the way out).  So, Gen-la Khyenrab, really, you think that is appropriate behavior from a former GSD?  Really?  To act as though even hearing my voice is non-virtuous?  Honestly, that is simply obnoxious and inappropriate, as you well know.

The real issue is that we have allowed Dekyong to do as she pleases— she can use whatever excuse to get rid of people like Atisha who actually teach the right way, and we aren’t allowed to say anything or know about it ahead of time.  Then she will put bad teacher after bad teacher in, including the 1st (Amy Peng) and the last (Kadam Angie Kane) who are fluff dharma— anti-Shugden pro-DL types.  I saw Angie on a video— she is just like Morten— FPMT.  We are not allowed any dissent; she will not allow people like me, who are honest and who are Shugden to really enter the school because she won’t move her Dalai Lama people out of the path.  So the problem is that I am being accused of being against Dekyong before I even knew the issue was Dekyong; I can’t make the slightest suggestion or I will be thrown out and our people replaced with Dalai Lama ones; So I am welcome to go over and pretend that these are the right transmissions, but please don’t joke with the Dharma.

We are harming beings too, in the NKT, by not being pro-active; we must remove not only Dekyong but also Kunsang, as the latter has in no way helped us remove the former; also most office staff needs to go; just declare it spiritually impure please; my issue is that we are being tossed out by Dalai Lama people while all of you stand by and say, well, Kelly can’t say anything against the current GSD or she is a troll who does not love Geshe-la.  Please.  I love Geshe-la, for his books and for giving good teachings to those of you who can teach— but what Dekyong and those awful teacher trainings she came up with—look—I don’t know Kadam Neil but who is teaching all this drivel that keeps getting taught that is completely unlike anything Geshe Kelsang ever said?  It came from Dekyong to Neil or perhaps Neil has been lying in wait for Geshe-la’s showing passing just like Dekyong.  I cannot understand how we can pretend to the rest of the Shugdens that we don’t have a huge Dalai Lama infestation in our school and in the ISC.

In the name of Karma Shugden do remember your vows,

Kelly Inman

Don’t let the Dalai Lama Take Over the NKT: Replace “Gen-la” Kelsang Dekyong with a Shugden GSD

This starts with the 2nd letter I addressed to both Dekyong and Gen Jampa: back in the fall of 2012 (there are about 4 letters/emails listed together here for reading convenience). Several more followed, 18 over the first 6 months many addressed to  Steve Cowing on the Ed Council: I received no response until approximately 2 years later, and I do not know what he has actually received.  There is an email following this one, showing the financial oddities that look like one of the Dalai Lama side people trying to embezzle from us, though she is posed as an NKT nun.  She is not the only one.  (The others are also not really NKT— I have a lot of evidence to support that— but I suppose a lot of people don’t know since Steve Cowing can’t read or respond to email for 2 years. (though I did cc and bcc Steve— get real).  So I understand we are in the middle of a huge Dalai Lama- induced Sangha-split.  May this post benefit all living beings and may you know I do this with Dorje Shugden’s full blessings. Om vajra wiki witrana soha.  May the cards fall where they may. Best, Kelly Inman

November 5, 2012

Dear Gen Jampa,
I hope this letter finds you well; I wrote to you and Gen-la in October with some concerns about the purity of the Kadam dharma in San Diego. I have, after looking up the internal rules of the NKT, some further information that might bear the former discussion. I used to attend the Kids and Families class while Atisha was RT and then while Amy Peng was RT, and I noticed that in addition to non-Kadampa books being read to the children, the content of our mediations changed after Atisha left; while Atisha gave kid-appropriate teachings based on Geshe Kelsang’s transmissions, Amy and her teachers taught the meditations from traditions that weren’t even in some cases Buddhist. I recently looked up the internal rules of the NKT, and my understanding is that the teachings are to be based on Geshe-la’s works. The version I’m reading says the following:
15§1. The Education Programme of all NKT-IKBU Dharma Centres shall consist only of the three New Kadampa Tradition Study Programmes: the General Programme, Foundation Programme, and Teacher Training Programme.
15§2. These programmes form the very core of the NKT-IKBU, and are what distinguishes the New Kadampa Tradition from other traditions.
15§3. The General Programme (GP) The purpose of the General Programme shall be to introduce basic Buddhist view, meditation, and action, and various other teachings and practices, all within the Mahayana Buddhist tradition of Atisha and Je Tsongkhapa, that help the practitioner deepen his or her knowledge and experience of Buddhism. The Programme shall be based on the commentaries by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

15§7. None of the subjects in any of the three Study Programmes may be changed.
Unless these internal rules have changed, then perhaps we should understand that the Kids and Families class, being GP, should also be based on Geshe Kelsang’s works. Amy and some of the other teachers she appointed to teach this class taught a ‘happy face at the heart meditation.” I was not clear how this related at the time to Geshe Kelsang’s works, but thought perhaps it was some new standard we were following. While I could not find this in Geshe Kelsang’s books, I could find “happy face meditation” on the internet site http://www.bodyandsoul.com.au; the meditation is similar to the one that Amy and the other teacher taught, and is included at the end of this letter.
In another session of the children’s class, Amy taught that we might not have Dorje Shugden as our dharma protector forever in the NKT. While she did not explain what she meant by that, I noticed that a lot of the teachers she appointed to our classes during that time, which continue as teachers and substitute teachers under Choyki, did not practice Dorje Shugden puja, by their own admission. I think perhaps it would be good to look into the backgrounds of any GP class teachers, assistant teachers, and substitute teachers that were appointed during Amy’s tenure or subsequent to it, as many of them do not seem to follow Geshe Kelsang’s books or have a history of practicing Shugden.
I have attempted to discuss these matters with Choyki for approximately a year, but she has informed me that I am causing disharmony and she has asked me not to write you or other NKT lamas; I am currently taking a leave of absence from volunteer and other dharma activities at VBC because I feel very strongly that pure Kadam dharma has been missing at VBC for over a year. I wish for myself, my daughter, and other practitioners to receive Geshe Kelsang’s dharma; we cannot receive this there at this time, so we are currently practicing at home. (My three year old likes making mandalas and listening to Heart Jewel.) We hope to see you at the California Dharma Celebration, which I hope will still have a Dorje Shugden empowerment; it has been cancelled or moved from San Diego twice in the last two years.
Thank you for your time in reading this. It is my sincere wish that we can restore the pure Kadam dharma in San Diego for the sake of all living beings.
Kelly Inman

———————— Financial Oddities—————————

Retroactive stipends and interest on her “loan” to the NKT by former AD Deshe, who does not act like a Shugden Buddhist (I think she is a mole from  the Dalai Lama’s side of things—)

This was the email that was accidentally forwarded to me last October, by a Sangha member, who along with many others, does not appear allowed to talk to me; it appears at KMC San Diego, all financial and spiritual decisions are made by a select oligarchy; XXXX, who is asking for a retroactive stipend, refused to allow me to pay less than 85 dollars a month (full price) for FP from the day I moved from the homeless shelter in spring 2010 until she stepped down in spring 2011, except for one month when she granted an exception. She would not respond to my emails regarding offers to volunteer, she did very little work for us, but wanted a retroactive stipend, after telling us that VBC (now KMC San Diego) got her for free.

As mentioned in previous letters to the educational council/financial council, XXXX would tell me we were in danger of the NKT closing the Center if I didn’t pay her full price. Since I had wanted lojong teachings since 2001, and since this was my first opportunity to study lojong in depth, I paid her, though I did ask at least 3 times, with a few months interval for a reduction in price. I could not believe my good fortune in receiving such systematic teachings from someone of Gen Atisha’s quality of instruction; I did not want to drop out of the class, which seems, as often happens at KMC San Diego, to be the only option for Shugden people who can’t pay.
My understanding is that XXXX was one of the founding members of the community, and put a loan out against the mortgage on her house; the building that KMC San Diego is in, was negotiated at a very high mortgage, and we have all been run into the ground paying it back. Some of the people who are responsible for taking out the mortgage and finding the building are the same ones that talked against Geshe Kelsang, the Dorje Shugden practice or switched our transmissions to zen in the classroom right after they got Atisha to leave.
I do not know much about the finances, as the finances are kept from the community at large. My understanding is that the books are closed; we are not to know what happens with the books or have any say in the decision process; only a select few can find out what is going on. I do understand that some people took loans out against retirements and homes, to start VBC. I am not sure who those people were, but I also understand that after they took these out, at a high mortgage and with a high interest rate, that the KMC San Diego community is supposed to pay them back. Since some of these same people are also talking against our transmissions and trying to switch us to zen Rime and tao, then I think it is worthwhile to look thoroughly at the books, who received scholarships vs who did not, ect.; not to mention what happened to our scholarship funds etc. I am going to attach two documents that detail the financial issues as happened to me; since no normal Sangha can have any idea what is going on financially or in any running of the Center, I can really only comment on what little I know. Thanks. Please find email below, accidentally sent to me, apparently, when my friend was on medication for back pain. I am sending this, though I do fear retribution from my local community, since they don’t seem allowed to communicate about anything financial. I do not wish to get XXXX in trouble, since this was accidentally sent, but I think we need transparency in what we are doing; XXXX even asking for a retroactive stipend after how horribly she treated people at our Center is quite over the top to me.
Attached are two documents concerning Financial issues, VBC in crisis, which details what appears to be the beginning of the spiritual take-over of VBC by anti-Shugden people, and Chokyi’s (the RT) order to me not to write anyone but her regarding these matters.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Deshe
Date: Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 11:47 PM
Subject: Fw: update
They should be authorized because there is a board action saying VBC is going to give me the stipend.

Was this from the current board or the board at the time of the financial situation? I am shocked that XXXX
has a problem with this.

BTW, I am fighting to regain my confidence and final nail in the faith in Buddhism. This may end up putting the f


We met and now I am waiting…. somehow I am not surprised.

I was asked about some kind of thing where ordained waive their stipend if they don’t take it. I explained that I could have taken it but was concerned re cash flow…. should I just have taken it? I suspect the Board will want to pay it to me but there will be some resistance – at least with XXXX. But I did explain to her (but refused to tell the Board) that the stipend was to offset my direct costs of being the AD. I was clear with the Board that there were reasons and I have certain views about things… but I would not disclose them because that is not why the payments should be authorized. They should be authorized because there is a board action saying VBC is going to give me the stipend.

The interest is pretty convoluted by now lol. So they need to find a folder that has the paid note in it and see what notations XXXX left behind at the time.

I have asked for swift action and that the monthly payment be enough to make a difference in my life.

So we shall see.


On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 8:45 PM, XXXX wrote:

Good luck!!! Let me know the outcome OK?
Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 4:31 PM
Subject: update


Well I finally heard from them. I asked for 2 options so they sent me one 🙂

Seems they plan to discuss both topics. So much for my preference to take care of the interest and then address the stipend.

I guess I will be meeting with the board on Friday at 6pm. Think good thoughts.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: NKT Office <info@kadampa.org>
Date: Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 5:55 AM
Subject: Letter from NKT Education Council

To Kelly Inman

So far you have written for over 2 years to Gen Jampa, Gen Rigpa, Gen-la Khyenrab, myself and many other people criticising the NKT’s GSD Gen-la Dekyong, without saying one single truthful word. Your letters are filled with your own hallucinations. The NKT has over 1000 Dharma Centres throughout the world and all the people of these Dharma Centres are our witnesses to prove that Gen-la Dekyong is a pure Dharma practitioner especially a sincere Dorje Shugden practitioner. She is the most qualified Dharma Teacher of both sutra and tantra. Her good heart, teachings and her way of showing a good example are unequaled. All NKT people understand this. We can say the same for Gen-la Kunsang. The reason why we did not previously reply to your letters is that we believe from your way writing you appear to have a mental problem so we didn’t want to cause you more suffering.

However now I would like to suggest that you must please stop writing letters like this in the future. We have the collection of all your previous emails. So now you have a choice either please stop writing these kinds of letters or we will pass your previous emails with your information to the police.

Kind regards
Steve Cowing
NKT Education Council Secretary


Shugden is a Buddha— I sent Steve a copy of this one— if not a word I say is true, then he must be denying that Shugden is a Buddha.  Which means he is most likely Dalai Lama as well.

Dear Gen Jampa, January 14, 2013
I have written you a few emails concerning the purity of the Kadam Dharma at Vajrarupini Buddhist Center in San Diego, CA. I recently wrote you a third email in which I suggested that we could explicitly mention that Dorje Shugden is a Buddha on the CADC website. I am very concerned that the publicity being distributed from Vajrarupini Buddhist Center, San Diego, for the CADC also does not mention explicitly that Dorje Shugden is a Buddha.
The publicity does mention that Dorje Shugden is a Wisdom Protector, but as I mentioned in my previous email, I am not sure that it is evident to those new to Buddhism that a Wisdom Protector is a Buddha. Moreover, when I contrast this publicity with that of the US National Festival from last summer, which also had a Dorje Shugden empowerment, I see that Dorje Shugden is referred to both as a Wisdom Protector and as Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden. The CADC publicity from 2 years prior, which was Avalokiteshvara, refers to Avalokiteshvara as a Buddha; the publicity from Rigpa’s Maitreya empowerment (at VBC) refers to Maitreya as a Buddha; the one from Rigpa’s most recent Je Tsongkapa empowerment at KMC LA refers to Je Tsongkapa as a wisdom Buddha; the one from last year’s Medicine Buddha empowerment (CADC) is obvious I think, from the Medicine Buddha’s actual name. If we refer to all the other Buddhas as Buddhas, why should we not honor Dorje Shugden in the same way? Not only is he a Buddha, but since he is specific to our lineage and not as perhaps commonly known as Avalokiteshvara or Je Tsongkapa, would it not help beings if we were clear on this point?
Furthermore, the publicity from VBC might leave some question as to whether we were a Buddhist organization or a church or cult that just likes Buddhism; for instance, though you are mentioned as the National Spiritual Director, and also as the resident teacher of KMC Texas, there is nowhere on the publicity that explains what ‘NKT’ stands for or what “KMC” stands for. While Geshe Kelsang is referred to as ‘our founder’ it might not be clear that he founded a large legitimate Buddhist organization; indeed it was not even clear to me that a newcomer might understand that we are Buddhists.
I feel it is always good to be clear on the fact that the New Kadampa Tradition is a legitimate Buddhist organization; in California in particular, we get all kinds of spiritual Centers; I have friends for example, that go to a Universalist Church in the same part of town as VBC, and claim that half their congregation considers themselves Buddhist. While I don’t suspect that there is anything at all wrong with that, I would like to make it clear to people that we are an actual Buddhist organization, with lineage teachings that go back to Buddha Shakyamuni, and to Je Tsongkapa, via the Kadam emanation scripture. Maybe we could write a specific phrase on our publicity that would generally help new people to that point, and perhaps you could bring it up in discussion with the EPCs NKT-wide at the next big international festival?
My heartfelt request is that we could rewrite our publicity for this year’s CADC; I feel that the current edition may confuse beings. Please at least consider including the information that Dorje Shugden is a Buddha; beings are easily confused and feel it would benefit all living beings to allow people to rely on our particular Dharma Protector. I sincerely pray we will proceed with the Dorje Shugden empowerment at this year’s CADC; I just want to change the confusing publicity; not the dates or the fact that it is a Dorje Shugden empowerment that we are receiving.
May Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden continue to protect our lineage for countless aeons,
Kelly Inman

———————VBC in Crisis: How Non-Shugdens replaced Shugdens at the San Diego Temple—————————————————————————-

Dear Gen-la Dekyong and Educational Council, March 27, 2013

I hope this letter finds you in good health and the Kadam dharma, protected by Dorje Shugden, flourishing generally throughout the NKT.  I am writing you, on behalf of all living beings, to explain the general dharma circumstances of newer people at Vajrarupini Buddhist Center, San Diego, in hope that you may make the appropriate changes that will allow the Kadam dharma to flourish in San Diego and throughout the world.  I am beginning with a little history of how my daughter and I came to this dharma, how wonderful and meaningful to behold it was to study with Gen Atisha, and the subsequent issues I have faced, as a newer person with no HYT vows, with people openly discussing the Dalai Lama, discouraging Shugden practice, and also having many odd choices for teachers and coordinators in VBC, all since Atisha’s departure.  My inclusion of the history at the beginning is simply to help you understand from what perspective I am viewing things, and why it might seem to newer people like me, that the NKT might well be attempting to retire Dorje Shugden as the Dharma Protector.

I came to Vajrarupini Buddhist Center in late spring of 2009, when my daughter was four and ½ months old, hoping to find her spiritual lineage; I had been a Kagyu and Nyingma for the previous 9 years; neither the side of the Kagyus I was with or the subset of the Nyingmas I practiced with, seemed anti-Shugden in any way; the Nyingmas I was with actually were Penor Rinpoche’s Nyingmas, and if you recall, Penor Rinpoche allowed recently expelled Shugden monks into his monastery to get supplies after the 2008 ban on Shugden practice.  I had had a dream which indicated to me that my daughter was not a Kagyu and another dream where Guru Rinpoche told me “take the baby to a Buddhist temple.”  I asked him if the New Kadampas would be okay, having seen the website for VBC on the internet in the waking state.  At that point (in the dreaming state) Buddha Avalokiteshvara replied “the New Kadampas will be just fine.”

We came there the day after a Je Tsongkapa empowerment; my daughter was small and we were living in a homeless shelter, so I did not have funds to pay the 65 dollars at the door for the empowerment; nor did I think it wise to try to bring a breastfeeding infant to an empowerment as I was afraid she would start making noises.  I immediately felt a deep trust for Gen Atisha, and mentioned to him, after prayers for world peace, that I was hoping to get the baby blessed at a Buddhist temple.  Kristen, my daughter, was blessed a few weeks later.  The first or second time we came, and we only came to imprint, as I felt she was too young and baby-noisy for anything else, I asked Atisha who the Buddha on the wall was, indicating with my hand at Dorje Shugden; when he told me it was Dorje Shugden I immediately replied for him not to worry, I already knew about the stuff with Dorje Shugden (meaning that the Dalai Lama had banned the practice).  We soon started to come to puja, and then also started to come to the Kids and Families class.  A few months after that, I joined the FP which was studying Meaningful to Behold.  We were still in a homeless shelter, and came by video link for awhile, but when my daughter started walking, I felt her toddling around was disturbing people in the gompa, so I switched to correspondence, having no access to childcare on Sundays, the day of the class. Completing the FP by correspondence proved too difficult, due to the sound often not working on the recordings and also being in one room at a homeless shelter room with an infant.  We were still able to attend puja regularly, and sometimes attended Kids and Families.

When we moved into a studio a year or so later, a new FP started on Eight Steps, which I joined; we had a small class of about 8 people.  A few months into the class, Atisha and (Name Deleted), who was our EPC at the time, had a meeting in the community room where they explained about the Shugden ban, and the 2008 protests.  One of the members of the class, who hasn’t been back to VBC in awhile, and whose name was (Name Deleted), said “Okay guys! Let’s use this Shugden practice to hurt people! Isn’t that what it’s for?”  I told him that I knew he must be joking, but really it’s very important to have a really good motivation when doing the Shugden or any other Buddhist practice.  During this meeting, Atisha gave a little history and mentioned the book A Great Deception.  When the subject of the 16th Karmapa came up, he mentioned to the class that my (the author of this paper) first lama had been the 17th Karmapa.

A woman from the class, whose name was (Name Deleted), and who seemed to want to befriend me, drove me home that night, and started asking me if I had known all that stuff about the Dalai Lama.  I replied that I knew that there was a ban, but had been homeless at the time of the WSS Protests so hadn’t realized that there had been protests.  (Name Deleted) asked me if I’d read anything by the Dalai Lama, to which I replied yes, years ago and had even been to one of his teachings in New Delhi in 2001.  She mentioned that she had read some Dalai Lama books and was very positive about them; she also seemed to want to talk about the ban and whether we should be doing this practice if the Dalai Lama didn’t like it.  I had great sympathy for how she might feel and said so; I explained that when I first became Buddhist I was up against the fact that the Dalai Lama did not recognize the Karmapa whose school I was in; I explained it was very hard to make sense of that for a new person, and that she should examine the teachings and decide for herself; I also explained that I wasn’t going to go through talking about all of this stuff again; I had already made peace with the idea that the Dalai Lama didn’t know a Karmapa when he saw one, so how would he know a Dharma Protector? Again, I told her to decide for herself.

This woman, (Name Deleted), seemed to want to be friends, and also had a daughter my child’s age; we got together a handful of times, but (Name Deleted) kept discouraging me from going to VBC; when I suggested we swap babysitting so I could get in some volunteer or meditation time at VBC and she could either do likewise or run errands, (Name Deleted) kept encouraging me to “go anywhere but VBC.  Get some air.  Go to a park, a coffee shop.”  I told her I went to parks and coffee shops all the time, but that I really love sitting in the gompa and meditating, which is obviously problematic with a two year old.  While (Name Deleted) and I did exchange babysitting a few times, I noticed that she generally cancelled, and I gave up on that working.  During the few times we talked, (Name Deleted)was very dubious about Geshe Kelsang and very pro other lineages.  She also mentioned that she had never once attempted to come to puja, despite our having a puja requirement for most of the time we studied FP with Atisha. (Name Deleted) had been to 2 or 3 sessions of the Kid’s and Families class between the time Atisha taught and Amy taught; at one point she brought a 6 year old niece who informed my child and (Name Deleted) child, both age 2, that ‘not all the Buddhas in the bookstore are really Buddhas.”  At the time, I really had no idea what the little girl meant, though now I suspect that her aunt might have been trying to protect her from our Dharma Protector.

After Atisha left, things at VBC took an odd turn, I’m afraid, and for the worse.  We did have the excellent opportunity to receive teachings from Gen Rigpa, whom I’d had a few empowerments with already.  However, as mentioned in previous letters, Amy Peng had some rather unusual choices for teachers; (Name Deleted), who had not been to any Shugden puja and who had also been encouraging me personally not to go to VBC, suddenly started teaching a lunchtime meditation course.  (Name Deleted) also started attending a minimal amount of Heart Jewel at that time.  At the same time, Gregg Lane immediately told me he wanted to change the format of the Kid’s class to be “more like Sunday school.”  I protested that a lot of people are turned off by Sunday School; Gregg assured me that he intended to continue with ‘only Geshe Kelsang books’ but then immediately read a zen book to the Kid’s and Families class when he took the podium.  In a previous email I mentioned the ‘happy face at the heart meditation’ that Amy Peng and another teacher, whose name is (Name Deleted) taught.  (Name Deleted), who is a very sweet human being whom I greatly like, often talks about how she dislikes puja and cannot really make herself believe in past lives.  Gregg, after having obviously changed his mind rapidly about staying with the Geshe Kelsang books in the Kid’s class, also openly spoke during Amy and Chokyi’s tenure about how he is finding much more peace now that he does a sitting meditation for 30 minutes every morning to calm his mind.  He waives his hand and rolls his eyes if puja is mentioned.  During the summer that Amy was teaching the Kid’s class, as mentioned previously, Amy said that Dorje Shugden might not always be the Dharma Protector in the NKT.  I found that upsetting, but I didn’t know how to convince the NKT to stay with the practice.

From the transition from Atisha to Amy to Chokyi I have also noticed a lot more people openly bringing up the Dalai Lama in class; Amy’s discussion about Dorje Shugden’s presumed (incorrectly in my case) retirement was in response to a question posed by a woman named (name deleted) and her husband about whether Shugden people were violent; I can’t remember everything they said, but I know the Dalai Lama’s name came up.  (Name deleted), one of the Kid’s teachers, seemed surprised that I didn’t really like the Dalai Lama; I assured her my differences with him stemmed originally from his poor choice of meddling in the Karmapa recognition and choosing the Chinese boy to boot.  (Name Deleted), having been at least a part-time Geshe-la student for a number of years, invited me to her house and showed me a book by Pema Chodron that she said she preferred to Meaningful to Behold for Shantideva’s commentary.  She was surprised that I had read this book a few years before coming to the NKT, and also seemed surprised that I found the Geshe-la one more in depth and appropriate for my level of study.  Later, she and I and her partner had dinner in a café, and she invited me to go to the Thich Nhat Hanh temple; I remember I said yes (meaning I’d be happy to visit and see what their Buddhas look like) but we never got around to it.  VBC remains the only Buddhist temple in San Diego I or my daughter has ever attended.  I had one more invite to “leave VBC, and never come back here. Come to another Buddhist temple with me that has no doctrine” from a woman named (Name Deleted), a previous VBC resident who drove me to Atisha’s farewell party.

After Chokyi arrived, as mentioned in other emails, we had a continuum of some of these same people, picked under ‘farewell to Shugden’ Amy Peng, for teaching classes.  Gregg Lane, who did not keep to the heart commitment (and also lied to me) by switching from Geshe Kelsang’s books to one from a Zen teacher, continued to teach half day workshops.  (Name Deleted), the woman who was very pro Dalai Lama and hadn’t attended Shugden puja before starting to teach when Amy arrived, was selected as the Kids’ class assistant.  Oddly, neither Gregg and his kids nor she and her kid had a regular attendance history at the Kid’s class; my daughter and I had started attending almost weekly during the 6 months Amy was there, but I only saw Gregg when he taught.  (Name Deleted) is similar, in having attended about 2 or 3 times, when the class was weekly, but immediately, upon the commencement of the class under Chokyi, moving in to be the assistant who sometimes teaches the class in the absence of the teacher.  It does seem odd for people who discourage our practices and talk to people against our lineage to want to teach in it.

Concerning issues that new people may face, here are also problems of in the GP  classes; during GP discussion sometimes the conversation is rerouted to something the Dalai Lama taught, or the Dalai Lama is mentioned by name, by some of these new people that we suddenly have.  I present this information to you to let you know what conditions people are experiencing, and also to bring the following point to your attention.  Gen-la, I have never been to one of your teachings or empowerments, and I do not know you except by reputation; you and other powers that be, took a 100 percent perfect qualified Kadampa teacher away from VBC (Gen Atisha), and gave us Amy Peng, who despite being a nice person, did not seem to have any intention of keeping the NKT tradition alive; we’ll teach tao, we’ll find a new dharma protector.  Then you sent us Chokyi, who while sweet when I don’t write the lineage or mention that I am being bombarded by Dalai Lama people (those two things she has ordered me not to do), is allowing these same anti-Shugden- pro- Dalai Lama –or- anything- as- long -as -it’s- not- Geshe- Kelsang-or Dorje Shugden- people to teach.  Her new EPC and Gregg Lane seem to be friends; as with many of his other comrades, he shakes his head slightly at her to get her to change subjects when she is talking, I presume so she doesn’t say the wrong thing.

I need you to understand that I was starting to seriously wonder whether you, Gen-la, liked Dorje Shugden or whether you were going to switch us off to someone else as soon as Geshe-la changes bodies.  It is understandable that I or other newer people might wonder that, as you, and perhaps the educational council,  have sent us two resident teachers in a row that are appointing people that not only do not keep our heart commitments, but also act directly against Dorje Shugden and his heart commitment.  While I understand that some of the evidence I am presenting here happened in a car or some other location where we have no witnesses, some of it has been happening even from the podium.  As I told Chokyi long ago, we generally look for positive evidence that people have a commitment to our lineage and have the qualities of a dharma instructor before they teach, rather than assuming that they must have the proper commitments and qualities by virtue of having walked through our door.

After having the Dorje Shugden empowerment from Gen Jampa, in which he explained how to keep the heart commitment, and having realized from taking it with him that you seem also to hold it, I am no longer as worried that you wanted to change our lineage at VBC.  With that in mind, I will ask again, for the sake of all living beings, that we could please examine the history of these teachers that have been appointed since Amy Peng; some of the board of directors sneers at our pujas as well, and 2 out of 3 current managers have little to no history of tsog puja attendance at VBC.  I really think it would be wise to investigate the changes, as mentioned in other letters, since Atisha left.

Please, for the sake of all living beings, to insure that qualified teachers transmit Je Tsongkapa’s instructions purely, and also so that we can assure the people teaching are actually with our lineage and wish to remain with it, may we please increase our teaching standards in the NKT.  Concerning the Special Teacher Training Program, while the 6 months intensive course sounds beneficial, I do not think two years practicing is long enough for a resident teacher prior to the course.  I will also tell you that two years is not hard to fake, if the person thinks we are degenerate spirit worshippers.  We also need better teachers across the board, so that we don’t easily allow undue influence by outside lineages; if they all have to study and practice longer to teach, there will be less of them that would have the time or opportunity to interfere with our lineage.

I thank you sincerely for your time; I hope you will discuss teaching standards with Geshe-la and improve them so that we may maintain the purity of our lineage.  If we ever have the merit in San Diego, please send Atisha back our way to teach.  I offer mandalas and do Vajrasattva for to gain merit and remove obstacles for Shugden people and all sentient beings.


Kelly Inman

This one is called Breaking the Internal Rules: Removing the NKT’s GSD

May 1, 2014

Dear Gen-la Khyenrab, Gen Jampa, Gen Rigpa, and Roy Tyson,

I have written extensively in the past year and a half, regarding spiritual impurities in the NKT; I have often been told, by Kelsang Chokyi, and others, that I am not to see the impurities of others; my voice has been silenced, and I have been removed from my Sangha, for saying anything against the zen and Dalai Lama teachings that we were taught in our Center, by one of Gen-la’s appointees. Having given this information to the GSD, there has been no improvement; indeed her teachings at the U.S. festival seem to indicate we are not to criticize anything she does.
Given that the appointment, for example, of Amy Peng was under the jurisdiction of Gen-la Dekyong, I would say that Gen-la Dekyong does not give the appearance of having the best interest for the NKT’s teachings, as brought to the west by Geshe-la, at heart. She took away the pure voice of Tsongkapa (in the form of Gen Atisha), replaced it with someone who allowed zen, and also then put in a yes-person, in the form of Kelsang Chokyi, who has left the Dalai Lama and zen people in positions of power. There has been no improvement, despite my writing, on this tradition’s acknowledgement that people like Gen Choma, who disregard Shugden, should be asked to leave. Instead, we are told by Gen-la Dekyong not to criticize others at the U.S. Festival, and only to watch our minds; she indicates, in a false teaching, that this is the ONLY thing we can do; she implies that speaking against others is not allowed by Buddha. This is clearly not the case, as Buddha himself told people to stop bad behaviors; if he never told them that certain behaviors were best avoided, then how would he have taught us?
Furthermore, under Gen-la Dekyong we had the 6 month teacher training program which has allowed many inexperienced and frankly most likely unqualified teachers to be put in power; according to Gen-la, though the Buddha also taught that teachers must be qualified, if someone is teaching, then of course, if we say anything, then we are critiquing others, so anyone she puts in would have immunity. For me, this is a misuse of dharma, and also breaks our internal rules, as it allows a dictatorship of Gen-la Dekyong’s decisions and also shows a bad example. Showing a bad example by deliberately misteaching dharma is an example of breaking the first rule below; according to me Gen-la Dekyong is giving the appearance of at least breaking the first and 4th rules; therefore, we should show some interest in asking her to step down. Basically, Gen-la Dekyong’s refusal to do anything about the zen, Dalai Lama, etc., teachers and give misuseof dharma teachings, saying we are never allowed to criticize others, has lead to a dictatorship, and also a lack of Dorje Shugden’s pure dharmas being spread. I understand Gen-la is to give the empowerment of Dorje Shugden; however, she does not have the appearance of the heart commitment; she can say anything she wants with her mouth, but if she isn’t upholding the teachings in action then I would say she cannot in reality give the empowerment. After writing Gen-la Dekyong and the NKT, I have been so silenced in my community that I cannot speak to anyone regarding anything; everyone has told me I am non-virtuous for saying anything, which is the sort of teaching that Gen-la gives; Gen-la has a nice dictatorship going for the next 4 to 5 years unless we can either persuade her to step down or remove her, on the basis of allowing the Kadam Dharma to degenerate; I have written extensively on these matters, yet Gen-la’s speech seems determined to disallow dissent; don’t talk about others or criticize others, when mis-applied means that we cannot say anything against Gen-la’s decisions. Please, for the sake of all living beings, will you begin the process of removal of Gen-la Dekyong; if she will not agree to immediately step down, then please ask the committee or council in charge of her removal to please remove her as quickly as possible.
My argument is that Gen-la Dekyong is guilty of the fourth point, due to placement of non-Shugden teachers in our tradition and allowing Dalai Lama/zen teachings to go unchecked in California and New York. Therefore, she causes the NKT-IKBU to degenerate (such as by allowing teachers who follow other spiritual traditions). Even if she does not speak about the other traditions herself, if she accepts and appoints teachers who do not follow our tradition, then she is guilty of not following our tradtion, as she is the head of it. Gen-la Dekyong allows the other traditions to remain and replaces, with no discernible valid cause, perfect teachers such as Gen Atisha with people who do not follow Shugden and who teach zen, among other issues. Please see the several documents I have written on these topics, and please, for the sake of all living beings, may we get a valid and qualified Shugden GSD.
Please, I also request that we can revoke most or all teaching positions that Dekyong assigned during her tenure, as regarding the 6 month teacher training it takes not much information about qualified guides to see the need to have more than an alleged 2 year interest to spread the holy Kadampa teachings. I request that you talk to Geshe-la and get his help if you need it; I see this is a teaching on how to properly remove a GSD. If we do not remove her, then we will have no way to properly teach the dharma, we will have more qualified guides replaced, and we will have too many people in positions of power in the NKT when Geshe-la shows passing. Please, for the sake of all living beings, remove Gen-la Dekyong from her position, and due to her breaking the internal rules, do not allow her to teach again in the NKT. For the sake of all living beings, I ask you, please give us Shugden GSDs and NSDs (please avoid Morten as well for NSD selection). Thank you.

Gen-la Dekyong breaks at least points one and four below; I would actually argue that if she does not work for Shugden when we are under ban in a more pro-active way, that she breaks all four of them, which does appear to be the case.

7§1. If a GSD:
• sets a bad example, such as by breaking his or her ordination vows; or
• intentionally breaks these Internal Rules; or
• shows no interest in working for the development of the NKT-IKBU; or
• causes the NKT-IKBU to degenerate (such as by following other spiritual traditions),
then the two elected Directors and four main executive officers of the Charity may by majority agreement recommend to the Members of the Charity that the GSD be removed. The Members shall then have the authority to remove the GSD by majority vote.

Best regards,

If we can get rid of Gen-la Samden for sexual misconduct, then why not Dekyong for putting in teachers from other schools?

Dear Venerable Geshe-la, Gen Rigpa, and Gen Jampa,

I am aware in the history of the NKT, that we had to once let a DSD go, as he was engaging in sexual misconduct with his students, I believe?  Now, if he is DSD, then why was he not endorsed for engaging in sex with his students?  We assume, apparently, with Dekyong and Kunsang, that they are Geshe-la himself so if I mention that they are changing us to zen, and putting in the people who downplay Shugden then that must be what Geshe-la himself would do.  So, following the logic that the DSD or GSD is a full Buddha, then we would have also concluded that DSD Samden was right to sleep with his students; no matter what a Buddha does, it is perfect, so why bother reprimanding him, if he does what “appears” to be sexual misconduct?  Well, to be honest, I don’t know all the arguments in Buddhism, but I do understand we should go with meaning not with just words; so if we feel that maybe we are being taken advantage of in sexual misconduct, then of course, logic dictates we say so; the meaning of Buddhism is to help all living beings get to Buddhahood by becoming a Buddha first ourselves, and then working to help all living beings until they become Buddhas; if someone is having us do something that doesn’t make sense to the goals of Buddhahood, then we don’t need to worry that Geshe-la loved this guy, and put him in charge, so he can do whatever he wants, because he has Geshe-la’s approval so he is fine, right? My understanding is, Geshe-la didn’t put up with the sexual misconduct (done in the name of tantra?) but rather had the DSD step down and out of robes.  However, Geshe-la says he is retired, and we have elected a GSD/DSD combo that Geshe-la says is WONDERFUL I’m told.  Okay, bear with me, but I see Ven. Geshe-la as Je Tsonghkhapa, and think he knows ahead how these people will act.  He is giving us a teaching, on what to do if someone turns out not to be so wonderful, even if you thought Geshe-la or whomever really trusts them.  Probably with Samden, it was just Geshe-la emanating so we could see what not to do by Samden’s behavior and what to do, by Geshe-la’s behavior of letting him go.

With the GSD/DSD, it seems that some of the lineage issues would have been handled more appropriately with dialogue; instead, I have a rude email from Choyki demanding my silence; she also yelled at others not to talk to me and me as well. The email alone should have been addressed, but instead, we have just silence, and the DSD letting Chokyi do as she likes; at the same time we have zen teachers and very insincere (probably FPMT) people all over California—except Rigpa and maybe Chokyi, who is probably just following Dekyong’s lead on throwing out all the Shugdens and keeping the DL people around.

So my question to Gen Jampa and Gen Rigpa is, why have we not gotten rid of Dekyong (and from lack of her doing anything about Dekyong, make a clean sweep and get rid of Kunsang too), the way we did Samden? Both were Geshe-la’s “right hand guys” or whatever, and Samden did sexual misconduct and Gen-la Dekyong is clearly breaking the heart commitment, thus is breaking the internal rules by causing the NKT to follow other spiritual traditions, and by trying to replace our good people with anti-Shugdens.  So please remove the GSD/DSD combo the way you did Samden and please give us Shugden heart commitment qualified teachers in charge.

I am writing this, ,having tried several times in the case of the first email address, trying to contact the ISC (to no avail) via their demo and info emails addresses about participating in the demos which I assume will be in Irvine and Anaheim, as that is where the DL is supposed to be.  I would like to remind everyone that Gen-la Dekyong, never responded to anything I said, and since they are saying that she is the untouchably perfect spiritual guide, then I am considered a bad friend for speaking against the ah, “guru” so I am cut off from anyone who would help me in San Diego to get there or find out.  (A few DL people do talk to me from time to time like at CADC, but I am not really playing along at this point).

It would be helpful to get the NKT purified of the Dalai Lama’s sectarian authoritarian influence, (only whatever sect he comes up with is Buddhism? ) Please, remove Dekyong and her crew of FPMT style anti-Shugden teachers.

I am begging you to restore our school heart committment,

Kelly Inman

Letter to Dept of State: The Shugden Ban, the Karmapa Controversy and why you should not Listen only to Robert Thurman

July 19, 2015

Human Rights Violations in Tibetan Exile and Buddhist communities:

The Shugden Ban, the Karmapa Controversy, and the targeting of Shugden Buddhists: why you should not Listen Only to Robert Thurman

To the U.S. State Dept.:

I am writing on behalf of all living beings, to ask you today to please allow the press to give voice to Shugden practitioners and our request for religious freedom.  Concerning Tibetan/other Buddhism, I would also sincerely request that you could please get your information from better sources than Robert Thurman and people who Robert Thurman appointed.  Indeed, there is more than one school of Buddhism, and you have been, and the world continues to be, lied to by both the Dalai Lama and his followers, most notably among the latter: Columbia University’s Robert Thurman.  I happen to be quite certain that Robert Thurman and the Dalai Lama are lying on at least 2 big issues, having studied Buddhism in India and Nepal in 2001, and having practiced Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma Schools from 2000-2009; in 2009 I began studying in the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) of Buddhism in the U.S.. These two issues are the ban on a Buddha and Dharma Protector named Dorje Shugden[1] and the legitimate recognition of the Karmapa[2].  I assure you that Thurman lies to you in order to preserve the Dalai Lama’s image/funding to you and the rest of the world.  While I understand that you would like to make the Dalai Lama look good in order to help point out how bad China is, in reality, China is a good advertisement for how bad it is all by itself.  For example, look at the way that China lied to Hong Kong regarding allowing them to be democratic, the little freedom the press has, etc.. Since we Americans live in a democracy, we need to uphold our democratic principles, including separation of religion and state, and freedom of speech and the press.  I ask you please to ensure that we (Shugden Buddhists) are not censored by any organization that receives U.S. funding, including the International Campaign for Tibet, Tibet House, Robert Thurman and other Dalai Lama affiliated organizations.  At the end of the document, I will propose a solution that should be a winning one on all sides.

As a Shugden Buddhist, I have noticed how hard it is to get the attention of the press; certain outlets are cut completely off, like Huffington Post Religion, which Thurman seems to rule.[3]  I understand that part of a CIA/State Dept. program is to keep the idea of a Free Tibet alive in the mind of the world, thus combating China’s communism.  I am concerned that our government has mixed up religion and state, allowing the Dalai Lama’s human rights abuses against Buddhists, especially Tibetans in exile, to go unchecked. [4] To explain to you that I not only have evidence from articles and the internet, but also saw this Shugden ban in person in India and Nepal, I will recount my personal observations to you, so you might understand that I know the Dalai Lama and Robert Thurman to be completely dishonest in regard to this Shugden issue, and other issues as well. As far as I can tell, neither the Dalai Lama nor Robert Thurman are habituated to telling the truth in any conventional sense.

My personal observational evidence that the Dalai Lama/Thurman are lying:

I went to India back in 2001; I went with every intention of studying Buddhism, most likely, I assumed, under the Dalai Lama, as I had been charmed by his books and image.  However, when I got to New Delhi, I met another teacher, Thaye Dorje, Shamar Rinpoche’s pick for the 17th Karmapa.  I loved him immediately, and felt as though this were the Buddha of Compassion in the flesh.  I took a significant vow with him, called the bodhisattva vow; then I traveled to Dharamsala, where I sought audience with the Dalai Lama, who was in retreat.  I was interrogated, I felt, by a monk from the Dalai Lama’s school whom I met in a café for Tibetan lessons; he wanted to know what Dharma Protector practice I did.  I didn’t do one, nor did I really know what a Dharma Protector even was; since I did not do one, the monk was then very concerned what Protector did the people I study with practice. Again, I didn’t really know, but this monk was not satisfied, saying that I might be doing a practice I thought was a Buddha but is really a witchcraft.  We went round and round, until finally I mentioned that the only practice I did was Buddha Chenrezig’s, who is a Buddha anyone can do without initiation.  He was a really nice monk, named Rabje, about 20 years old, who was very devoted to the Dalai Lama.  Around that time, I did see the Dalai Lama’s pick for Karmapa, which turns out was also China’s.  That “Karmapa” has the distinction of being the only Buddhist lama in India that I did not make prostrations to.  I knew nothing about the Karmapa controversy; I knew there were two picks, but being only 6 months into Buddhism, I had no idea that is was a big deal.  I assumed both candidates could be right.  When I went to see the one that had just come from Tibet (the Dalai Lama’s pick), I did not get a good vibe at all, but rather felt that I was in a room with China and was not bowing to him.

Eventually I went to a Dalai Lama teaching back in Delhi, and left a little early, unimpressed.  After meeting the Shamar Rinpoche (non-Dalai Lama) Karmapa (Thaye Dorje), I was expecting to be wowed.  No such luck with the Dalai Lama.  I traveled in March to Nepal, to a conference with the Karma Kagyu; it was right after this conference that I was first introduced, by a Kagyu friend who showed me an article in the newspaper, about the Dorje Shugden practice.  The article in the paper, I realize now, was wildly inaccurate; the author acted as though Shugden were a demon that only a few dozen people practiced, led by one lama cult leader, that the Dalai Lama, in his “infinite compassion” (forgive me, he is no Buddha of Compassion) had banned.  I asked my friend who does the Dalai Lama like?  My friend responded that he didn’t know, but that we mustn’t discuss this here, (in a momo shop).  At this point I understood what they must have been asking me about in Dharamsala, and why they were so worried that I might be unknowingly doing witchcraft; Dorje Shugden is a Dharma Protector, and the article says the Dalai Lama thinks it is a spirit, thus those doing the practice are doing black magic or “witchcraft.”

A few days later this same (western and Kagyu) man invited me to go and see some Gelugpa; he told me they might be doing “what we read in the newspaper,” and that I shouldn’t ask them anything about their practice.  We went and had tea with a Geshe; honestly I do not know what monastery or what the Geshe’s name was, just that it was in Kathmandu.  We went back one other time to see him.  I had the idea that he was a little nervous we were there; apparently Shugden practitioners were worried about drawing attention from the Dalai Lama; the same I found to be true later, when I and some other western practitioners stayed in a hostel run by (allegedly) Shugden practitioners in Kalimpong.  The other westerners and I were in Kalimpong to take 3 initiations with Karmapa Thaye Dorje; my roommate asked if it was ok that we stay with Shugdens; I said fine, no problem for me; she said she didn’t care what anyone practiced, she said we just had to be aware that the Dalai Lama’s followers might attempt to hurt us if we are associating with or giving business to Shugden people.  I told her the Dalai Lama’s people already didn’t like me, so I wasn’t too worried about it, and at any rate, I thought these people could use the business.  We stayed there the entire time we were attending Karmapa’s teachings; neither he nor Shamar Rinpoche ever mentioned anything about Shugdens or “witchcrafts” or anything else ever.

Years later, I began to attend New Kadampa Tradition teachings; I had no idea that they were Shugden at first, having never heard of them, but when I found out, I was very relieved, as I felt I should be safe from Dalai Lama people there.  That may have been a naive assumption, since a lot of Dalai Lama’s followers seem to like to join our group to keep an eye on us.

Turning to Robert Thurman, I mention to you, that clearly there was Shugden discrimination back in 2001; the Tibetans were afraid to be seen with Shugdens; even we as westerners had to be aware that we might be in physical danger from the Dalai Lama’s followers if they found us supporting Shugden business or associating with Shugdens.

There is much more to the Shugden ban than Thurman admits in for example his Huffington Post article; he acts as though we are upset that we can’t go to the Dalai Lama’s teachings[5]; trust me, I couldn’t care less about going to the Dalai Lama’s teachings, but what is upsetting is that in 2008, after throwing the Shugden monks out of their (state funded) monasteries, the Dalai Lama also cracked down in other ways; people were asked to carry yellow oath cards saying that they vowed not to do the Buddha Shugden practice; if they did not produce this card, then getting other documents, aid, etc., was difficult.  Even before then, in 1996, the Dalai Lama’s TGIE wrote the medical community forcing them to either denounce their Shugden practice or resign from medicine.  The Tibetan Constitution was amended around this time to bar Shugden Buddhists from joining the Judiciary.[6]  So, while the Dalai Lama said people COULD practice, of course they would be discriminated against, even by the government in exile, which was under his command. [7] This is of course religious discrimination just as it would be if we said, “Oh you CAN be Muslim, but if you don’t renounce Islam, then you can’t be a doctor or a judge.” Obviously, then, that is a huge, very non-democratic transgression; apparently in 1996, the Dalai Lama also asked people not to associate materially or physically with Shugden Buddhists; people have interpreted this, as of 2008 when the oath-cards went into effect, that they are not to sell products to Shugden Buddhists, hire them, wait on them in clinics, etc..  This is a huge problem in exile, and further divides Tibetans which seems like a god-send for China as it keeps Tibetans from unifying to talk about democracy in Tibet.  Rather than blame us who are doing a practice, why not ask the Dalai Lama to remove the restrictions in writing, to put in writing that all discrimination against Shugden Buddhists is not okay, that we are welcome as normal part of society, that it is okay to hire us, talk to us, be friends with us, marry us, etc..

That Robert Thurman listens only to the Dalai Lama and misinforms the press and the world seems apparent; not only does he lie through his teeth about Dorje Shugden, who was seen as a Buddha by the Dalai Lama’s own teacher, Trijang Rinpoche, but also he completely fabricates everything concerning the Karmapa; basically, if anyone disagrees with Thurman’s guru, then we are wrong, should shut up, sit down, and take the Dalai Lama as our supreme spiritual dictator.  Thurman’s attitude is sectarian and dogmatic, both of which are taught against by Buddha; in fact in an open letter to Robert Thurman, H.H. Shamar Rinpoche requests Thurman to be an honest scholar and indicates that the sectarianism need not be embraced by the U.S. government.[8]  In Buddhism we do not think we can force another person to think our way; in fact that is why in general we do not proselytize; forcing someone can give them a negative mind toward Buddha, which will hinder them later; it’s better to leave them alone and let them come if they want to.  As far as sectarian, sectarianism is of course if someone thinks “it’s my way or the highway for religion;” that is exactly how the Dalai lama, Thurman, and other DL followers often see it; we must do religion however the Dalai Lama wants, or be shut down.  Oddly, and following Orwell, Thurman calls NKT Buddhists sectarian for wanting to maintain our school, within our own buildings, as passed from Buddha Shakyamuni to Manjushri to Je Tsongkhapa and so on to Trijang Rinpoche to Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.  If we won’t let the Dalai Lama be in charge of us, then of course we are sectarian, according to sycophantic Thurman logic.

Because of the intense difficulties that the Tibetan Community in Exile goes through and to stand up for their right to practice Shugden without discrimination, a lot of us, from a group called the International Shugden Community (ISC), protest on-line; we have had some tweet storms, which is a common practice; Robert Thurman has demonized us for our on-line and in-person protests; during the first twitter storms I participated in last year in the fall, Robert Thurman put me and other Shugden practitioners on a list of “Anti-HHDL spam accounts.” He asked followers to block and report us, so that Twitter would close down our accounts.  Apparently he also requested Anonymous to hack us, but apparently they had something else to do, and told him they weren’t his “personal army.” One of my friends told me people were opening extra accounts in case we got hacked during a tweetstorm, but I didn’t bother, thinking I will be filing a complaint at that point, rather than tweeting.  Later, Robert Thurman (for the California Dalai Lama birthday celebrations) asked people to report “spamming” of the “#withCompassion” hashtag; the Dalai Lama had, in his normal completely hypocritical way, asked people to send a picture of them engaged in an act of kindness with the hashtag “#withcompassion,” as though he ever acts in a compassionate way, rather than smiling for the western press and oppressing Buddhists as soon as no one is looking. Apparently, anyone who wants to show themselves protesting and saying “stop lying Dalai Lama,” as their act of compassion on twitter, would be considered by Thurman as a “spam” account; first it IS an act of compassion to tell someone to stop lying because this is better for their otherwise heinous karma, and secondly, as a Democrat, I have spontaneously crashed GOP tweetstorms, which apparently was also done by a lot of other Democrats;   for example, “ImnotvotingforHillarybecause,” obviously got crashed because the liberal crash tweets outnumbered the GOP tweets; by crashed I just mean GOP were intending to bad mouth Mrs. Clinton, but a lot of liberals tweeted  sarcastically “because we like the GOP to send our kids to war,” or “because we are right-wing morons who like to oppress others” etc.. So I submit that crashing a hashtag is simply normal freedom of speech; what to me is NOT simple freedom of speech, is to put people on a list asking other people to block and report our accounts as Thurman did us; first that interferes, via a loophole on Twitter, with our religious freedom; it allows anti-Shugdens to target us, and though we have not tweeted at them, they block and report us; this caused at least journalist Indy Hack’s account to be suspended for awhile.  Furthermore, putting us on a list saying we are “anti-HHDL” is like telling the playground bullies where to find people to throw rocks at; we don’t really need them directed to us like that; putting people on lists who are a certain faith is generally frowned upon.

In addition to Thurman’s campaign against us, there is a whole issue with his (and a few others) pretending that our accounts are all “spam” rather than “tweet storming.”  It seems Thurman wishes to end our freedom of speech; he has the help of some bogus group called Inform, in England.[9]  Apparently one of their issues with us, is that some people have more than one twitter account; again I am sure that is a normal practice for tweetstorms but also one reason we have people that opened the extra accounts is because our original accounts were being targeted by Thurman.  Obviously if one account gets blocked in a tweetstorm, a person can switch to another.  As far as our hashtag trending, it shows up on the trending software like in the top 10 world-wide on several past tweet storms; however, I only saw “#DalaiLamaStopLying” on my computer screen once under trending; usually we seem to trend high but tweets keep going missing off Twitter, during protests, and then we don’t show us as trending to people actually watching the trends on Twitter.  I am not really okay with that, since I imagine that Thurman, along with Tibet House and with the backing of the U.S. government funding and blessings, can convince someone in Twitter to censor us in the “interests of the Dalai Lama’s security,” or some nonsense.

One method Robert Thurman uses to justify censorship of Shugden practitioners, is he indicates we are funded by China, though if that were the case, then I expect someone would have gotten back to me about attending farther away protests with ISC funding— as it is no one responds.  You’d think if they were funded by China that the protests would be better advertised within the NKT and ISC on-line communities; they are not, and a lot of people I know to be really strong followers of Geshe Kelsang/Dorje Shugden do not show up; last year, in my case, I did not attend the California protests because I was not informed that protests were beginning.  I am well-known to like Shugden and requested repeatedly a Shugden empowerment be given in my city; so there shouldn’t be doubt I am with Shugden; what the doubt is, is how can Thurman pretend we are funded by China when I don’t have any funding coming from the ISC, or certainly not anyone from China.  It doesn’t seem logical to me, nor do I think Geshe Kelsang would want to take money from China, as that would confuse the issue; (Geshe Kelsang fled the Chinese with nothing but one or two Buddhist texts with them. He lives in England, which is of course a democracy.)

On the note that some lying is going on and that not everyone is informed about protests etc., please consider that The International Shugden Community and The NKT are not the same thing, though there are a lot of NKT members in the ISC, as we are the largest Shugden group (or Buddhist group actually) in the west.  In the New Kadampa Tradition, and I will not go into a lot of details, I have been approached by supposedly NKT practitioners privately, such as in a car or at my house, who tried to convert me to the Dalai Lama’s dharma, and say they thought that Dorje Shugden is negative.  I have noticed quite a lot of these people in California; not surprising really, given that some of the Tibetan Shugden lamas mention on the Internet that they have people watching them if they try to stay in a Shugden monastery, that some people come just to see what is going on etc..  The Dalai Lama’s followers are under the impression that we are doing such a bad practice, and are so evil to not do what their lama says, that it is okay to do anything to stop us.  Misusing a teaching from the bodhisattva vows, where we can technically participate in any action, even kill, if it is bodhisattva activity, these people do not see it is as a problem to lie to us.  After all the Dalai Lama said it would be okay for 1 or 10 people to die if it meant the cause of Tibet and a particularly important person’s life (implying his own) were saved; right after he said this, Tibetans in Exile produced a list with Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the leader of the NKT (where I experienced these lying Dalai Lama people) as the number one person on this list.[10] If it is okay, in Dalai Lama Pseudo-Buddhist land, to break the no killing vow, then let’s just guess the no lying precept is no problem either.  (I don’t advise trying either yourselves, as it is completely against Buddhist teachings; the Dalai Lama is getting horrible karma).

On that same note, I suspect quite a lot of the NKT Survivors group that is the main group to Inform “Inform[11]” and slander us, are most likely a bogus group made from Dalai Lama people who joined the NKT, planning to make the NKT look bad, trying to find out as much info as possible, left, and started trying to act like we were a cult.  This group appears pretty small, and two of its main members seem very well trusted by the Dalai Lama, which would be strange coming from the Shugden group.[12]  Furthermore, Tsering Tashi that was in charge of one of the Tibetan Shugden groups, left, & turncoated; he now pretends we get money from China, and is completely trusted by the Dalai Lama.  He has absolutely no proof we get money from China, but says China gives it to Lama Gangchen; according to Tsering, Lama Gangchen and Geshe Kelsang meet with Chinese officials in Europe, and then the money comes to the ISC.[13]  I believe he left the Shugden Tibetan group before the ISC began. Show me some proof, if he (from your Tibet House) is going to claim we, a group with a lot of American citizens, receives money from communist China.  On the same note of infiltrators from the Dalai camp coming to check out a group, I knew some of the Kagyus on both sides of school to be convinced we had spies from the other side.  I don’t think they were right about anyone from Shamar Rinpoche’s side bothering to see what they are doing; we know what the Dalai Lama people are doing: making a mess of Buddhism.

It does seem normal for people to come from the Dalai Lama side of things to check up on people, and in the case of the NKT, they seem hell-bent on destroying us from within.   I sincerely hope Thurman isn’t taking U.S. funds to help sponsor these infiltrators’ endeavors, though it would seem unlikely that they didn’t have help in some cases supporting themselves from some outside source.  Furthermore, rather than being funded by China, or funded well at all, the ISC seems to have a couple of these already-with-the-Dalai-Lama-types who are checking us out and stayed on and suddenly became representatives of the ISC: Len Foley and his wife Rebecca Gauthier (Foley).  If they are with Shugden then I am an iguana.  As I said, I was approached by people trying to get me to switch to the Dalai Lama; sometimes people like that teach (such as Carol McGuire from the NKT survivors); Rebecca is a resident teacher, but that doesn’t mean she is sincere; she and Len are in the same network of people as the several ones that tried to convert me, that tried to get us to change curriculum to something more Dalai Lama-esque, etc.. Furthermore, both this year and last year, Rebecca and Len talked “for Shugdens” to the press, only to miss the main issues of apartheid (both years) in the Tibetan community, and to fail to refer to Shugden as a Buddha but rather as a deity (in Buddhism some Deities are Buddhas and some are worldly; the Dalai Lama calls Shugden a deity but says he is worldly).  Furthermore, the Huffington Post, which hates everything Shugden in several articles, mentions that the one to talk to, while trashing Shugdens in every other way, is Rebeca Gautier from the ISC; now why, in a group that always promotes the Dalai Lama, would they point the press to Rebecca?  There are other ISC spokespeople, such as Gen Rabten, who are more articulate and who are believably Shugden.  Rebecca and Len’s speech to the press seems designed to aid the Dalai Lama in every way possible; to make easy strawman arguments for Thurman to counter. Besides that, I can tell that Len and Rebecca are insincere when it comes to Shugden; I feel you must understand that it is normal to look for sincerity in spiritual friends/teachers and that you must also know that when someone applies for a job, the boss looks for sincerity.  They don’t cut it.

Thurman’s main argument against us, and the International Campaign for Tibet’s as well, seems to be that we were “lied to” and “tricked” by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, etc..  According to Robert Thurman, not only is Geshe Kelsang wrong, but also my first lamas, Shamar Rinpoche and his Karmapa Thaye Dorje are wrong, because the Dalai Lama, who has never had jurisdiction in these matters, chose a different Karmapa.  I do not know what lies Thurman and the whole Dalai Lama crew fed you, but the Kagyus are in charge of their school, and Shamar Rinpoche, as head regent, was in charge of finding the Karmapa.  The Dalai Lama seems to have appeased China by picking their communist educated candidate, who they now expect to rule instead of the Dalai Lama after the latter passes away.  When Thurman agrees with horrible claims against Shamar Rinpoche, I simply feel sad for Thurman; Shamar Rinpoche (may he take swift rebirth) was a very down to earth and kind lama.  His Karmapa is simply bodhichitta in motion; whereas the Dalai Lama camp seems like a bunch of frauds.  Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the NKT’s founder, I find to be equal to Shamar Rinpoche and Karmapa in kindness, perfection of teaching, and down to earthiness.  From the three of them, I am always reminded to investigate phenomenon for myself; with the Dalai Lama’s school, and his fake Karmapa, and his sycophant Thurman, the underlying message is generally “sit down, shut up, and do whatever the Dalai Lama says or you will go to hell.”

It would have been difficult to deal with all of this interference from the Dalai Lama, the spying, the attempt at overthrowing us from within, but what makes it worse is that the U.S. government continues to promote the Dalai Lama as the perfect Peace- Prize- tolerant- humble- monk; anyone who knows much about Buddhism but doesn’t happen to be a Dalai Lama student, probably has some idea how false that whole concept is.  I am asking the U.S. government, please only fund things which do not malign religious groups (such as Shugden practitioners) and uphold human rights for all.

Our government’s listening to other people than just the Dalai Lama’s closest sycophants would be a really helpful idea; basically Columbia University and the Huffington Post are off-limits outlets for Shugden Buddhists because of Thurman’s influence.  Since the CIA started Tibet House, and since Thurman is/was President of Tibet House US, then I think it might be helpful if you would kindly intervene on behalf of human rights and democracy, and tell him that he cannot continue to malign other Buddhists, that the ICT etc., can expect no further funding if the Dalai Lama cannot be convinced to end the Shugden ban in writing.  Please do better investigation; people who are loyal to the Dalai Lama as spiritual leader are his own students; just because I think the Dalai Lama is a terrible “teacher” of Buddhism doesn’t mean I want his country taken by China. There are a few million Shugden Buddhists worldwide, so the best idea for democracy and human rights is to ask the Dalai Lama to end the Shugden apartheid in writing; it would also be a good PR move, because we will help all living beings with peaceful protests until the Dalai Lama ends the Shugden ban.  It would actually be the best PR move possible to convince the Dalai Lama to end the Shugden ban.  These would be the benefits of his completely ending all discrimination in writing, saying people can be friends with, do commerce with, talk to their Shugden relatives, marry with Shugdens etc.:

  1. The Tibetan people would be unified rather than schismed against 1/3 of the Tibetan population
  2. The Protests from the International Shugden Community would cease
  3. People could be friends with each other— which means when someone asks us about the Dalai Lama we’d be more likely to say something positive or at least neutral, rather than launching into,” well let me tell you what a liar I think the Dalai Lama is” speech.
  4. Tibetan people in Tibet and in exile could focus more on what type of government they can arrange, whether in exile or at home as a more unified people.
  5. It would set the right example of honoring the human rights/freedom of religion of everyone, not just the most powerful.

In addition, it might be wise for the U.S. at least, to recognize both Karmapas, rather than just the illegitimate Dalai Lama/Chinese one; this would be good just for religious rights, which we are supposed to uphold; in addition, if the Chinese are ever maneuvering unhelpfully with their (Dalai Lama’s) pretend Karmapa, then perhaps there could be some way to convince the Tibetans not to bother following this Chinese-educated potential ruler.

In closing I do not have space here to refute each and every one of Thurman’s lies; he is very patronizing toward people whom he disagrees with, which is everyone except the Dalai Lama, apparently.  He may tell you that the Dalai Lama’s teacher renounced the Shugden practice, because that is a lie I’ve heard from that Dalai camp recently, he may say I don’t know the word “ban” in Tibetan; he’s right I don’t, but I do know a big liar when I see one, and you can call the ban a “restriction,” “a ban” “segregation” or “apartheid,” if you like.  Basically when he’s explaining anything about Buddhism to you, or telling you whom to trust, just be pretty certain to double check or triple check; if Thurman tells you it is raining, make sure to look outside.  He, “the wise scholar” knows I am working for China and worshipping a spirit, though I didn’t get the memo and a lot of lamas disagree; furthermore, when I wrote the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje (the real, non-Dalai Lama one) and asked if it was okay if I come to teachings once in awhile at his Centers even though I do the Shugden practice, his response was it is fine from the Kagyu side. I imagine if it were a spirit, I would be informed by one of these many lamas I trust; it seems the ones I trust are generally not really in agreement with the Dalai Lama’s pseudo-Buddhism.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  You may leave a message on my phone/email if I do not answer.

Best regards,

Enclosures: Tweets from Thurman targeting my Twitter account; Tweets from other anti-Shugdens targeting my twitter; tweets from Thurman/ others targeting Shugdens

Copy: to CIA

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