If we can get rid of Gen-la Samden for sexual misconduct, then why not Dekyong for putting in teachers from other schools?

Dear Venerable Geshe-la, Gen Rigpa, and Gen Jampa,

I am aware in the history of the NKT, that we had to once let a DSD go, as he was engaging in sexual misconduct with his students, I believe?  Now, if he is DSD, then why was he not endorsed for engaging in sex with his students?  We assume, apparently, with Dekyong and Kunsang, that they are Geshe-la himself so if I mention that they are changing us to zen, and putting in the people who downplay Shugden then that must be what Geshe-la himself would do.  So, following the logic that the DSD or GSD is a full Buddha, then we would have also concluded that DSD Samden was right to sleep with his students; no matter what a Buddha does, it is perfect, so why bother reprimanding him, if he does what “appears” to be sexual misconduct?  Well, to be honest, I don’t know all the arguments in Buddhism, but I do understand we should go with meaning not with just words; so if we feel that maybe we are being taken advantage of in sexual misconduct, then of course, logic dictates we say so; the meaning of Buddhism is to help all living beings get to Buddhahood by becoming a Buddha first ourselves, and then working to help all living beings until they become Buddhas; if someone is having us do something that doesn’t make sense to the goals of Buddhahood, then we don’t need to worry that Geshe-la loved this guy, and put him in charge, so he can do whatever he wants, because he has Geshe-la’s approval so he is fine, right? My understanding is, Geshe-la didn’t put up with the sexual misconduct (done in the name of tantra?) but rather had the DSD step down and out of robes.  However, Geshe-la says he is retired, and we have elected a GSD/DSD combo that Geshe-la says is WONDERFUL I’m told.  Okay, bear with me, but I see Ven. Geshe-la as Je Tsonghkhapa, and think he knows ahead how these people will act.  He is giving us a teaching, on what to do if someone turns out not to be so wonderful, even if you thought Geshe-la or whomever really trusts them.  Probably with Samden, it was just Geshe-la emanating so we could see what not to do by Samden’s behavior and what to do, by Geshe-la’s behavior of letting him go.

With the GSD/DSD, it seems that some of the lineage issues would have been handled more appropriately with dialogue; instead, I have a rude email from Choyki demanding my silence; she also yelled at others not to talk to me and me as well. The email alone should have been addressed, but instead, we have just silence, and the DSD letting Chokyi do as she likes; at the same time we have zen teachers and very insincere (probably FPMT) people all over California—except Rigpa and maybe Chokyi, who is probably just following Dekyong’s lead on throwing out all the Shugdens and keeping the DL people around.

So my question to Gen Jampa and Gen Rigpa is, why have we not gotten rid of Dekyong (and from lack of her doing anything about Dekyong, make a clean sweep and get rid of Kunsang too), the way we did Samden? Both were Geshe-la’s “right hand guys” or whatever, and Samden did sexual misconduct and Gen-la Dekyong is clearly breaking the heart commitment, thus is breaking the internal rules by causing the NKT to follow other spiritual traditions, and by trying to replace our good people with anti-Shugdens.  So please remove the GSD/DSD combo the way you did Samden and please give us Shugden heart commitment qualified teachers in charge.

I am writing this, ,having tried several times in the case of the first email address, trying to contact the ISC (to no avail) via their demo and info emails addresses about participating in the demos which I assume will be in Irvine and Anaheim, as that is where the DL is supposed to be.  I would like to remind everyone that Gen-la Dekyong, never responded to anything I said, and since they are saying that she is the untouchably perfect spiritual guide, then I am considered a bad friend for speaking against the ah, “guru” so I am cut off from anyone who would help me in San Diego to get there or find out.  (A few DL people do talk to me from time to time like at CADC, but I am not really playing along at this point).

It would be helpful to get the NKT purified of the Dalai Lama’s sectarian authoritarian influence, (only whatever sect he comes up with is Buddhism? ) Please, remove Dekyong and her crew of FPMT style anti-Shugden teachers.

I am begging you to restore our school heart committment,

Kelly Inman


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