In all things, may we remember our heart commitment to Dorje Shugden and Je Tsongkhapa

Aug 29 2015

Dear Ven. Geshe-la, Gen-la Khyenrab, Gen Rigpa, and Gen Jampa,

It has been a long time in your school, since Ven. Geshe-la stepped down; we briefly had normalcy when Gen-la Khyenrab was in charge, then Dekyong got put in.

I have been treated very badly, harassed by anti-Shugdens who come to the NKT, and I was kept almost completely in the dark about the ISC protests; I certainly never get to help in any useful way either in the NKT or in the ISC, because Dekyong has so faithfully to her guru (the Dalai Lama) put anti-Shugdens in all over the place.

It is really unreal, and frankly obnoxious, how people act as though I am non-virtuous for simply giving a factual account of what has happened in front of my very eyes about lineage transmissions changing.  People like Gen Atisha, Gen-la Khyenrab, and Gen Dorning have been nothing but obnoxious about how virtuous and perfect they pretend everything Dekyong does, whereas I MUST be non-virtuous for even saying that someone might be reading zen (right in front of us, directly from a zen book) or teaching the wrong teachings by teaching the happy face at the heart meditation— well they say…. You know Dekyong IS Geshe-la.  Person after person has asked me (about what I am writing) and told me that they disagree, and then has never spoken to me again; in Gen-la Khyenrab’s case, he apparently told his EPC not to allow any more messages from me at that address, and then also unfriended and blocked me on Facebook.  My social-media savvy friends inform me that this is the same as saying “F you” to someone (but written all the way out).  So, Gen-la Khyenrab, really, you think that is appropriate behavior from a former GSD?  Really?  To act as though even hearing my voice is non-virtuous?  Honestly, that is simply obnoxious and inappropriate, as you well know.

The real issue is that we have allowed Dekyong to do as she pleases— she can use whatever excuse to get rid of people like Atisha who actually teach the right way, and we aren’t allowed to say anything or know about it ahead of time.  Then she will put bad teacher after bad teacher in, including the 1st (Amy Peng) and the last (Kadam Angie Kane) who are fluff dharma— anti-Shugden pro-DL types.  I saw Angie on a video— she is just like Morten— FPMT.  We are not allowed any dissent; she will not allow people like me, who are honest and who are Shugden to really enter the school because she won’t move her Dalai Lama people out of the path.  So the problem is that I am being accused of being against Dekyong before I even knew the issue was Dekyong; I can’t make the slightest suggestion or I will be thrown out and our people replaced with Dalai Lama ones; So I am welcome to go over and pretend that these are the right transmissions, but please don’t joke with the Dharma.

We are harming beings too, in the NKT, by not being pro-active; we must remove not only Dekyong but also Kunsang, as the latter has in no way helped us remove the former; also most office staff needs to go; just declare it spiritually impure please; my issue is that we are being tossed out by Dalai Lama people while all of you stand by and say, well, Kelly can’t say anything against the current GSD or she is a troll who does not love Geshe-la.  Please.  I love Geshe-la, for his books and for giving good teachings to those of you who can teach— but what Dekyong and those awful teacher trainings she came up with—look—I don’t know Kadam Neil but who is teaching all this drivel that keeps getting taught that is completely unlike anything Geshe Kelsang ever said?  It came from Dekyong to Neil or perhaps Neil has been lying in wait for Geshe-la’s showing passing just like Dekyong.  I cannot understand how we can pretend to the rest of the Shugdens that we don’t have a huge Dalai Lama infestation in our school and in the ISC.

In the name of Karma Shugden do remember your vows,

Kelly Inman


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