Poisoning the NKT with Dalai Lama mixing: Dekyong’s anti-Shugden coup

I sent this letter to Ven. Geshe-la yesterday; however, I have no way of knowing does he receive anything because we are up to the eyeballs in anti-Shugdens in the NKT office, courtesy of “Gen-la” Dekyong.

Dear Ven. Geshe-la,

  I understand I must not be your student directly, because I never met you and have certainly not been welcome in the NKT since Gen-la Dekyong took power.
  She is like a poison medicine that someone gives us instead of the real medicine— because she is giving us only medicine that will allow our minds and school to be taken by the Dalai Lama.
  I need help; I never could really transform my mind until I met Dorje Shugden— not really inwardly— until then.  I think of all my gurus— all are like Manjusrhri or Shakyamuni— or Chenresig, so I do not see any difference in the essence of you or Karmapa, for example.
  What see is the difference of the medicine— sort of— in the end the medicine does the same thing— but I guess some people respond better to some types of medicine than others.
  I need the Dorje Shugden medicine— I also— need a guru because I see Dorje Shugden as my lama who is alway with me, but I think we are supposed to be around human beings as well, correct?  I don’t know.
  The problem we have in your school is we have a GSD who is counterfiting medicine– she takes the outer capsule that resembles your medicine but then she puts the poison of the Dalai Lama inside all the capsules.  When one takes the medicine, the difference is very discernible.  She would take the Dharma meaning away because she tries to take away Shugden.
  The monks and nuns I have known, the ones that my daughter and I loved so much, the ones that supposedly mailed pictures of my daughter to you (when she was happy in your temple) now think they are very virtuous not to talk to us or email me.  It is strange, and part of the result of the poison medicine.  They think to say anything against Dekyong will reflect badly on the NKT?  Well how does it look when they defend the counterfet medicine, such a poison to the pure lineage of Je Tsongkhapa that she provideds.
   I don’t know where I belong, but please bless me that I can keep the path to Buddhahood and Dorje Shugden as my lama; please bless me that I will find a Shugden lama to accept me soon.  I have letters out to Kundeling Rinpoche and Tsem Tulku Rinpoche.  I will miss Rigpa’s perfect teachings as well, but I have not, due to the common (bad very bad) karma of Dekyong been able to access them much.  I will work on my karma, but perhaps you can bless me to find the right way.
  I am asking your help, because I feel many beings will suicide or be otherwise lost because of the horrible connection of Dalai Lama Dharma that Gen-la Deyong poisons the school with.
  Maybe you can teach your students to treat us like humans; I have never felt so horrified or horrible in my life as the complete utter rejection by your Dekyong led “Sangha” who have completely removed themselves from my life for mentioning that we were taught zen (directly) in class etc..  So for trying to keep your heart commitment, I loose all my teachers?  I understand my karma is obviously strange, but I doubt I am alone in feeling horrible in your school.  Please bless my obstacles to clear. 
  In the heart commitment to Dorje Shugden,
  Kelly Inman

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