What did Steve Cowing Forward and when? Why will he refuse to confirm email receipts for 2 years?

Dear Ven. Geshe-la, Kelsang Ringyal, Gen Rigpa, and Gen Jampa,

  I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I wrote a lot and counted on Steve Cowing (Secretary of NKT— person in position to remove non-Shugden GSDs if we need them voted out yes?) to forward the emails I sent to the Ed Council, the Financial Council, and also to Dekyong, Kunsang and Ven. Geshe-la.  Everything I wrote was either cced or bcced to Jampa and Rigpa.  Now, in order to be sure what Steve received when, and also to make sure he didn’t edit anything I said, or simply add extra paragraphs and delete the original text, I did ask for confirmation of email receipts.  It is impossible to determine what Steve did with what I said, or if he perhaps might have forged anything.  He was certainly quite inappropriate in not responding for 2 years and exceedingly rude when he finally did.
  I would absolutely love an explanation and confirmation of what he has before they wipe servers clean, as often has happened in recent years in the NKT— just around the time Atisha left— I beleive they lost most of the financial data that would cover their embezzlement. If it were checked into by anyone who actually wanted to find wrongdoing, knowing, as I do, that these people are not in our school, then why won’t we?
  Best regards,
 Kelly Inman

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