Declare Independence: Open Letter Requesting Karmapa Thaye Dorje’s help

I have mailed this via email throughout much of the Shugden Gelugpa School. Since I know we are beset with Dalai lama people all over the NKT, I am posting it in order to get the info to people.

September 4, 2015
Dearest Karmapa Thaye Dorje,

I sincerely hope this letter finds you well and in excellent health. I am concerned about the state of our world; the drowned children fleeing war makes me think how we must protect the pure Dharma in all its forms to free all beings permanently from suffering. We want everyone to become Buddhas; to do this we must make sure the pure lineages of Buddha Dharma preserve their transmissions, because different beings have different types of Dharma that will work for them to become Buddhas. I am writing you, who took the bodhisattva vow with you back in 2001 in New Delhi, as well as 3 empowerments from you at your residence in Kalimpong that same year: Amitayus, Green Tara, and Manjushri and I have written you before asking for your blessings and prayers; as I wrote before, I am now a Shugden Buddhist, though it is not clear to me yet which is my root guru as I have yet to take anything but refuge, bodhichitta, lay precepts, and the Dorje Shugden heart commitment. I love Dorje Shugden very much as my protector; I loved this group I studied with in the NKT (New Kadampa Tradition) but the issue, similar to the one in your school, is they are being taken over by politics in the form of the 14th recognition of the Dalai Lama.

I find you were and are immensely a perfect refuge, as are the bona-fide Shugden lamas that I have met; I do love Dorje Shugdens and I need him and his lam rim meditations for enlightenment. I never want to be parted from Buddha Dorje Shugden. When I first came to you, I had just experienced first hand (back in 2000) your (former) temple in Woodstock New York having been taken from you and given to the Dalai Lama’s regent for the China Karmapa. I understand after having seen how divisive people were there, how terrible it is when Sanghas split; we have reached a new time in the world, when monarchs such as the Dalai Lama are no longer necessary to follow; we can declare independence from the Dalai Lama in politics, but because of the fact that church and state were not separate in Tibet, then we must also declare spiritual independence from the King Dalai Lama, just like people in the U.S. declared not only political but also religious independence from the monarch George the Third back in the 1770s.

I read in Shamar Rinpoche’s book on democracy, that he was (may he take swift rebirth) in favor of the separation of religion and state to the point that if someone holds political office they also cannot hold spiritual office and vice versa. I fully support Buddha Amitaba’s writing that in Shamar Rinpoche’s emanation so that we can learn how important it is to follow through with separation of religion and state. The picking of the China Karmapa seemed the Dalai Lama’s illegitimate attempt at controlling the Kagyu School, and had China’s backing as China apparently sees at least a possibility of installing their candidate for Karmapa as the ruler in Tibet, similar to the Dalai Lama. I notice too, that they have used the China “Karmapa” to forcibly convert some Drukpa Kagyus to the Chinese Karma Kagyu School. Furthermore, the Dalai Lama has picked the reincarnations of several Shugden lamas, but picked people he knew would disavow Shugden. When the Dalai Lama has all four heads meet (excluding you, since he is trying to officially replace you) he picks those who will do as he asks: his pretend China Karmapa and all the others disavow the Shugden practice, though it is not any of their business what practice others do.

Disavowing Shugden, to me, is simply the Dalai Lama’s attempt at splitting (and it’s been a successful attempt) the Gelugpa; many people had/have samaya with Trijang Rinpoche (former incarnation) who was your former incarnation’s good friend, and a Shugden practitioner to the day he showed passing. His current emanation, who lives in Vermont, is doing the Shugden practice. When the Dalai Lama asks people to give up this practice, he is essentially asking them to disavow a much more respected teacher than he, and a much more realized being than he; in other words: pick the monarch of Tibet or pick the real Dharma taught by Trijang Rinpoche and other perfect masters. In a similar way, he ignores the real Karmapa (you, Thaye Dorje) and tells everyone to follow the Chinese person; again, we have a choice between the Dalai Lama and real Dharma.

For me, you made this choice very easy; not by anything you said about the Dalai Lama as I have never heard your Holiness Karmapa (Thaye Dorje) say anything against anyone. It is simply that your Dharma is perfect and pure, and so was Shamar Rinpoche’s, though in the few months prior to coming first to meet you, I had heard from the Dalai Lama’s side of the Kagyu how he (Shamar Rinpoche) was a demon. I had shown up there — (Woodstock) as my first Dharma Center— in July or so of 2000; I got thrown out because they thought I was a spy for your side, though I had never heard of you, had not even been Buddhist but a few months. The first place I took out loud refuge was from Bardar Tulku Rinpoche (forgive me, I forget the spelling) in August or so 2000: they tried immediately to tell me I had to do EVERYTHING Bardar said because I went for refuge there. My understanding is that the Dalai Lama’s side of things tends to try to force people to do whatever anyone says from the moment of refuge on. I know that is not what is intended by taking refuge. I didn’t know Bardar Tulku— I only was going for refuge to Buddha Dharma and Sangha— I certainly did not meet him until the day I took refuge. Furthermore, my understanding is that the Buddha wants us to take highest yoga vows in order to commit to a teacher; I don’t have any high/yoga/highest yoga— any sort of vows to any particular guru. I do have, as I said, the heart commitment to Dorje Shugden and I also love Pure Dharma in all schools and wish to uphold the right of all Buddhists to study from their teachers and all be friends, with no discrimination or bias.

The idea that the Dalai Lama is giving people these misteachings about having to listen to him over everyone else— and having to listen to him if they show up at 100,000 people big crowd for highest tantra vows, that I think is a terrible mistake and misuse of Dharma; not to mention a waste of people’s lives.

In order to help all living beings, and in accordance with the reality of monarchs being outmoded and governments dictating religion to be supremely a bad idea, then we must I think, take this opportunity to free all of Buddhism from governments of any sort. We must also declare, his having been mixed with politics so long and in political office since the time of the very anti-Shugden and anti-Kagyu, the murdering 5th Dalai Lama, that we wish to declare the independence of our schools from the Dalai Lama. Please, I have written the Kadampa lamas, and we are beset on all sides by Dalai Lama people in that school who pose as our practitioners and even as teachers to try to destroy us from within. I am asking, please declare independence from the Dalai Lama; I know your school wrote asking the Dalai to recognize your recognition as a Karmapa, but in reality, I think we all need to just be free of the Dalai Lama. China has expressed interest in helping chose the next one, which would be a disaster; the CTA is as confused as the Chinese; Buddhism was never meant to follow the government; the governments used to follow Buddhism sometimes, but it eventually turns back on itself, and has Buddhism following the governments. Please, as someone who respects you as the true Karmapa, the reincarnation of the 16th one, since I have met you and trust you and trusted Shamar Rinpoche about you, then please, please, consider declaring independence of your school from the Dalai Lama; I have written asking the Shugden lamas to similarly declare independence from the Dalai Lama, including to Trijang Rinpoche. In all cases, I have to go through the normal intermediaries of the inbox and the secretaries or people in charge. I haven’t talked to any Shugden lamas ever, except one whose name I forgot in Kathmandu some years back; I never met these lamas in person, though I did study in the school with western Shugdens and go in person to a Geshe Kelsang teaching and Prajnaparamita empowerment. (I asked for an audience but never heard back. His school has a lot of Dalai Lama people who try to keep regular people from meeting him— also there were 8,000 people there so that is complex as well).

I will send a copy of this email to some of these lamas and also send you a copy of the email I had written them.
I hope that declaring spiritual independence from the Dalai Lama will help us keep our lineage transmissions intact thus leading all living beings to Buddhahood. I wish you a very long life and that you reincarnate until all beings are Buddhas.


Kelly Inman

——————– Letter to Shugden Lamas——————————————————————–

Declare Independence From the Dalai Lama:

September 2, 2015
Dear Ven. Geshe-la, Kundeling Rinpoche, and Tsem Tulku Rinpoche,

It has come to my attention over the years, that we have severe issues, such as this unholy ban on Shugden and also on the Dalai Lama’s interfering with Buddhism in general, such as in the Karmapa’s recognition and on jailing the Nyinmgpa Dujom Rinpoche pretending he was a Chinese spy. As for Karmapa, as I have said, I know from meeting him, just from observation and logic, mind you, simply ignore anything the Dalai Lama says. As for the Shugden issue, the Shugden lamas are impeccable at Dharma and their Protector is my Spiritual Guide. I notice the mess the Dalai Lama is making: forgive me, I hope he is a Buddha teaching in reverse, and I know that Tsem Tulku did take robes from him, and of course, please understand if the Dalai Lama is really a Buddha, nothing I am saying can harm him.
However, the institution of the Dalai Lama became very politicized in the lifetime of the 5th Dalai Lama; it is in fact at this point in time that the Dalai Lama was also having Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen murdered. He also had 7000 Kagyus murdered by Gelugpas and Monguls he invited to Tibet, and the 10th Karmapa fled for his life. This life, the 14th recognition of this bloody murdering 5thDalai Lama, is doing much of the same. I understand the Dalai Lama is also running around in the Gelugpa school recognizing, much like he recognized the fake China Orgen Thrinley Karmapa, Gelugpa “Tulkus” who were Shugden lamas in their past lives but whose DL recognitions are disavowing our Great Protector Dorje Shugden.

As for me, I have not taken high or hightest yoga vows and I have no specific guru commitments: one thing I have noticed from all the schools of Buddhism I have studied in (I studied for awhile in Penor Rinpoche’s Nyingmas as well for a bit) is I personally really want nothing to do at all, with the Dalai Lama or the institution of the Dalai Lama. Forgive me, inwardly I am hoping these big lamas are all Buddhas, but what do I know— and it does not work, frankly and does grow tiresome to have to express a possible inner view outwardly to people all the time; if they have some liking of the Dalai lama and want to continue in that tradition then we constantly have to say oh yes Dalai Lama is Buddha blah blah… but we have to realize not only is this tiresome, we have reached a point in history where it is supremely unhelpful to do so. People in the west do not understand what we say when we talk about Buddha teaching undercover… too complicated to explain so if the Dalai Lama is supposedly Chenrezig, then he is emanating in such a way as to pretend that he is this really awful hypocritical leader to teach the world about this Dharma and staying with it no matter what… even if he tries to kill us… etc… Trust me, a lot of western people would be lost— people who could benefit from a lifetime in which they study some Buddhism otherwise. Perhaps they would begin to meditate or train the mind, and finding it works, develop faith. Trying to tell them a dictator who outwardly treats us all so terribly is really a Buddha is to say the least pretty confusing. Furthermore, if this activity is happening— and for so long— and we are compromised probably in every Shugden organization and I think I saw a few spies here and there (from Tai Situpa’s side) while I was in the Kagyus (in fact I had a pretty good friend in that one too that seemed to be trying just to be there for spying— refused even to take the bodhisattva vow with Karmapa though he gave it twice or even attend teachings or anything—though she and her actress sister were interested in video taping EVERYTHING in his school (except teachings)—kind of obvious combined with the fact that they had just come straight from his side of the school). So, in the modern era, I think it is safe to say the institution of the Dalai Lama is really political, and that is what the Dalai Lama and the U.S government supported; the U.S. government, may Dorje Shugden please bless them, doesn’t understand the first thing about Buddhism, but has helped promote the Dalai Lama’s political agenda within Buddhism, not understanding they had been deceived.
Let us please, declare the independence from the Institution of The Dalai Lama. In doing so we must declare the independence of Buddhism from politics of any sort— like we would not listen POLITICALLY to any lama—whether a Chinese Karmapa or a Chinese Dalai Lama— would that help anyone? Would a US government pick? No. Of course, reincarnations are to help us spiritually, not to help us with politics within the Dharma.
So I am petitioning, asking, requesting: is it possible that we could declare our spiritual independence from the Dalai Lama— the best thing would be to declare the whole Gelugpa school independent from the Dalai Lama— even the Dalai Lama himself had said he didn’t want to reincarnate: on this one point we (conventionally, in deference to Tsem Tulku) agree: we should not have more recognitions of the Dalai Lama as they will be political as they have been since the 5th; China picks one is not good; but honestly the CTA is just as useless. I further suggest, that we not only declare independence from the Dalai Lama, but also indeed write and petition Karmapa Thaye Dorje to declare the Kagyus independent from the Dalai Lama as well. If we do not, it will be China pulling one way, the CTA another, and both are political; may we free Buddhism from politics; may we free Buddhism, as much as possible from the institution of Political Lamas. No more Dalai Lamas can be in charge of anything we do; of course every teacher is free to run their own school according to their wishes; so whether or not a person recognizes reincarnations we would just be saying those that do recognize reincarnations (and Geshe-la, please at least consider asking someone to recognize yours should we pass this resolution) we still disavow entirely from any government recognition of any sort of our recognitions…. Please declare us free from the Dalai Lama, from politicians/governments of any sort picking reincarnations or being involved in our school’s running. Please declare spiritual independence from the Dalai Lama and all governments.
I request this with the blessing of all 5 lineages,
Kelly Inman


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