A Better and More Concrete Set of 4 Points of Dalai Lama Agreement

Dear Lobsang Dorjee, Sonam Lama, Zawa Tulku,  Kundeling Rinpoche, ISC leadership,

  I wished to help you with the four points for the Dalai Lama; the old ones did seem a bit outdated to me as well, but the new ones seem too vague (in other words, asking someone who is a human rights criminal parading as a Nobel Peace winner to stop discrimination is open to rather broad interpretation).  I thought some concrete suggestions might be helpful:
  1. For the Dalai Lama to ask his followers to treat Shugdens as spiritual and material equals, to befriend us, to allow us to work and access shops, medicine, all professions without having to hide or renounce our practice and otherwise to cease all discrimination and human rights violations toward Shugdens.
 2. That they should in every way attempt to view all living beings with equanimity and to acheive harmony promote the equality of the Shugden Buddha in school, like we do whites and blacks in the U.S.— as part of the curriculum we teach equality is important
 3. That no physical harm, bullying, cyberbulling, intentional shunning etc. of Shugdens or other relgious groups is acceptable. Nor will we accept any excuse that what seems like a beating, theft etc., is really to clear the Shugden person’s karma because we are so brazen to have followed Buddha Shugden instead of the local chieftain of Tibet (Dalai Lama)
  4. That this should be written, posted, and signed into law by the CTA, and witnessed by proper Indian Authorities.
  Something more like what I have here would at least be something we can quanifiy; we are the underdog so we need to insure that people don’t say “well, we are shunning your kids because you don’t follow the Dalai Lama because you worship Shugden. This is harmonious because if we all do as the Dalai Lama, the King of Tibet, decrees, all will be in harmony in Buddhism.  If you say to “give religious freedom,” then you are saying he is not perfect so you are disharmonious so it is YOU who is not following the 4 points.”  It needs to be a law and in writing before the DL shows passing or it will stand— and you want to be sure the DL people are allowed to accept us and associate with us materially and physically— “don’t discriminate” is way too vague and the Dalai Lama twists everything— oh well by not letting them work here this isn’t discrimination it is for the good of their karma because those bad Shugdens didn’t want the Dalai Lama to be in charge of all of Buddhism, erm… we mean because they worship a spirit…. you follow?
  The other points, frankly, seemed like someone was trying really hard to let the Dalai Lama off the hook and keep the ban but offer lip-service to the idea that anything had been done.  
  May Karma Shugden please strike me dead if Len Foley is an actual Shugden this life.
  Best regards,
  Kelly Inman

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