Does the NKT plan to stay with Dorje Shugden?

Dear Ven. Geshe-la,                                                                 12-10-15

  I hope this OSG you are in good health; I have a question for you: I just watched a segment on the 4 Kadampa deities: I believe the monk(?), who sounded British, who talked mentioned that Wisdom Buddha (which he did refer to as Dorje Shugden) is the fourth Deity, and he mentioned that we had two other Buddhas before Dorje shugden that were Wisdom Buddha.
  Wisdom Buddha is the 4th Deity— this leads me to wonder if you think we have to give up Dorje Shugden in this school?  Because it sounds like they will just rename him something else perhaps—
  I wrote you before that there was talk in the children’s class from the then resident teacher about how we might change from Dorje Shugden to another Dharma Protector.  I ask only because I must stay with Dorje Shugden; if I had some assurance from you that we will remain with Shugden then I could probably take HYT more easily– I believe it would benefit beings on all kinds of levels to hear you assure us of this;  it’ will be fine if he would rather be Pema or Karma or Ratna Shugden, Vairochana Shugden, but he and I need him to Dorje Shugden 5 lineages— not change to whatever the popular lamas like so we can rejoin with other schools that are scared of Dorje Shugden– and be assimilated by the politicians.  Dorje Shugden protects me from political -lamas so could you please assure us if you intend our school to stay with Dorje Shugden?
  So I ask you, may I have your assurance that your school intends to stay with Dorje Shugden?  May we call him that, rather than Wisdom Buddha?  I think “Wisdom Buddha” is a childish sounding name rendered into English, like calling Mahakala “Compassion Buddha” or something— to me there is no need to fear the name of Shugden.
  Please may we have your assurance that we intend for Dorje Shugden to be our Wisdom Buddha protector.  Please Geshe-la, will you clarify this, before it is too late.
  May you live long, though our merit is lacking.
  Best regards,
  Kelly Inman