Breaking the Internal Rules: Removing the NKT’s GSD

May 1, 2014

Dear Gen-la Khyenrab, Gen Jampa, Gen Rigpa, and Roy Tyson,

I have written extensively in the past year and a half, regarding spiritual impurities in the NKT; I have often been told, by Kelsang Chokyi, and others, that I am not to see the impurities of others; my voice has been silenced, and I have been removed from my Sangha, for saying anything against the zen and Dalai Lama teachings that we were taught in our Center, by one of Gen-la’s appointees. Having given this information to the GSD, there has been no improvement; indeed her teachings at the U.S. festival seem to indicate we are not to criticize anything she does.
Given that the appointment, for example, of Amy Peng was under the jurisdiction of Gen-la Dekyong, I would say that Gen-la Dekyong does not give the appearance of having the best interest for the NKT’s teachings, as brought to the west by Geshe-la, at heart. She took away the pure voice of Tsongkapa (in the form of Gen Atisha), replaced it with someone who allowed zen, and also then put in a yes-person, in the form of Kelsang Chokyi, who has left the Dalai Lama and zen people in positions of power. There has been no improvement, despite my writing, on this tradition’s acknowledgement that people like Gen Choma, who disregard Shugden, should be asked to leave. Instead, we are told by Gen-la Dekyong not to criticize others at the U.S. Festival, and only to watch our minds; she indicates, in a false teaching, that this is the ONLY thing we can do; she implies that speaking against others is not allowed by Buddha. This is clearly not the case, as Buddha himself told people to stop bad behaviors; if he never told them that certain behaviors were best avoided, then how would he have taught us?
Furthermore, under Gen-la Dekyong we had the 6 month teacher training program which has allowed many inexperienced and frankly most likely unqualified teachers to be put in power; according to Gen-la, though the Buddha also taught that teachers must be qualified, if someone is teaching, then of course, if we say anything, then we are critiquing others, so anyone she puts in would have immunity. For me, this is a misuse of dharma, and also breaks our internal rules, as it allows a dictatorship of Gen-la Dekyong’s decisions and also shows a bad example. Showing a bad example by deliberately misteaching dharma is an example of breaking the first rule below; according to me Gen-la Dekyong is giving the appearance of at least breaking the first and 4th rules; therefore, we should show some interest in asking her to step down. Basically, Gen-la Dekyong’s refusal to do anything about the zen, Dalai Lama, etc., teachers and give misuseof dharma teachings, saying we are never allowed to criticize others, has lead to a dictatorship, and also a lack of Dorje Shugden’s pure dharmas being spread. I understand Gen-la is to give the empowerment of Dorje Shugden; however, she does not have the appearance of the heart commitment; she can say anything she wants with her mouth, but if she isn’t upholding the teachings in action then I would say she cannot in reality give the empowerment. After writing Gen-la Dekyong and the NKT, I have been so silenced in my community that I cannot speak to anyone regarding anything; everyone has told me I am non-virtuous for saying anything, which is the sort of teaching that Gen-la gives; Gen-la has a nice dictatorship going for the next 4 to 5 years unless we can either persuade her to step down or remove her, on the basis of allowing the Kadam Dharma to degenerate; I have written extensively on these matters, yet Gen-la’s speech seems determined to disallow dissent; don’t talk about others or criticize others, when mis-applied means that we cannot say anything against Gen-la’s decisions. Please, for the sake of all living beings, will you begin the process of removal of Gen-la Dekyong; if she will not agree to immediately step down, then please ask the committee or council in charge of her removal to please remove her as quickly as possible.
My argument is that Gen-la Dekyong is guilty of the fourth point, due to placement of non-Shugden teachers in our tradition and allowing Dalai Lama/zen teachings to go unchecked in California and New York. Therefore, she causes the NKT-IKBU to degenerate (such as by allowing teachers who follow other spiritual traditions). Even if she does not speak about the other traditions herself, if she accepts and appoints teachers who do not follow our tradition, then she is guilty of not following our tradtion, as she is the head of it. Gen-la Dekyong allows the other traditions to remain and replaces, with no discernible valid cause, perfect teachers such as Gen Atisha with people who do not follow Shugden and who teach zen, among other issues. Please see the several documents I have written on these topics, and please, for the sake of all living beings, may we get a valid and qualified Shugden GSD.
Please, I also request that we can revoke most or all teaching positions that Dekyong assigned during her tenure, as regarding the 6 month teacher training it takes not much information about qualified guides to see the need to have more than an alleged 2 year interest to spread the holy Kadampa teachings. I request that you talk to Geshe-la and get his help if you need it; I see this is a teaching on how to properly remove a GSD. If we do not remove her, then we will have no way to properly teach the dharma, we will have more qualified guides replaced, and we will have too many people in positions of power in the NKT when Geshe-la shows passing. Please, for the sake of all living beings, remove Gen-la Dekyong from her position, and due to her breaking the internal rules, do not allow her to teach again in the NKT. For the sake of all living beings, I ask you, please give us Shugden GSDs and NSDs (please avoid Morten as well for NSD selection). Thank you.

Gen-la Dekyong breaks at least points one and four below; I would actually argue that if she does not work for Shugden when we are under ban in a more pro-active way, that she breaks all four of them, which does appear to be the case.

7§1. If a GSD:
• sets a bad example, such as by breaking his or her ordination vows; or
• intentionally breaks these Internal Rules; or
• shows no interest in working for the development of the NKT-IKBU; or
• causes the NKT-IKBU to degenerate (such as by following other spiritual traditions),
then the two elected Directors and four main executive officers of the Charity may by majority agreement recommend to the Members of the Charity that the GSD be removed. The Members shall then have the authority to remove the GSD by majority vote.

Best regards,


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