Financial oddities: High interest,retroactive stipends,ambiguous books

This was the email that was accidentally forwarded to me last October, by a Sangha member, who along with many others, does not appear allowed to talk to me; it appears at KMC San Diego, all financial and spiritual decisions are made by a select oligarchy; XXXX, who is asking for a retroactive stipend, refused to allow me to pay less than 85 dollars a month (full price) for FP from the day I moved from the homeless shelter in spring 2010 until she stepped down in spring 2011, except for one month when she granted an exception. She would not respond to my emails regarding offers to volunteer, she did very little work for us, but wanted a retroactive stipend, after telling us that VBC (now KMC San Diego) got her for free.

As mentioned in previous letters to the educational council/financial council, XXXX would tell me we were in danger of the NKT closing the Center if I didn’t pay her full price. Since I had wanted lojong teachings since 2001, and since this was my first opportunity to study lojong in depth, I paid her, though I did ask at least 3 times, with a few months interval for a reduction in price. I could not believe my good fortune in receiving such systematic teachings from someone of Gen Atisha’s quality of instruction; I did not want to drop out of the class, which seems, as often happens at KMC San Diego, to be the only option for Shugden people who can’t pay.
My understanding is that XXXX was one of the founding members of the community, and put a loan out against the mortgage on her house; the building that KMC San Diego is in, was negotiated at a very high mortgage, and we have all been run into the ground paying it back. Some of the people who are responsible for taking out the mortgage and finding the building are the same ones that talked against Geshe Kelsang, the Dorje Shugden practice or switched our transmissions to zen in the classroom right after they got Atisha to leave.
I do not know much about the finances, as the finances are kept from the community at large. My understanding is that the books are closed; we are not to know what happens with the books or have any say in the decision process; only a select few can find out what is going on. I do understand that some people took loans out against retirements and homes, to start VBC. I am not sure who those people were, but I also understand that after they took these out, at a high mortgage and with a high interest rate, that the KMC San Diego community is supposed to pay them back. Since some of these same people are also talking against our transmissions and trying to switch us to zen Rime and tao, then I think it is worthwhile to look thoroughly at the books, who received scholarships vs who did not, ect.; not to mention what happened to our scholarship funds etc. I am going to attach two documents that detail the financial issues as happened to me; since no normal Sangha can have any idea what is going on financially or in any running of the Center, I can really only comment on what little I know. Thanks. Please find email below, accidentally sent to me, apparently, when my friend was on medication for back pain. I am sending this, though I do fear retribution from my local community, since they don’t seem allowed to communicate about anything financial. I do not wish to get XXXX in trouble, since this was accidentally sent, but I think we need transparency in what we are doing; XXXX even asking for a retroactive stipend after how horribly she treated people at our Center is quite over the top to me.
Attached are two documents concerning Financial issues, VBC in crisis, which details what appears to be the beginning of the spiritual take-over of VBC by anti-Shugden people, and Chokyi’s (the RT) order to me not to write anyone but her regarding these matters.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: XXXX
Date: Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 11:47 PM
Subject: Fw: update
They should be authorized because there is a board action saying VBC is going to give me the stipend.

Was this from the current board or the board at the time of the financial situation? I am shocked that XXXX
has a problem with this.

BTW, I am fighting to regain my confidence and final nail in the faith in Buddhism. This may end up putting the f


We met and now I am waiting…. somehow I am not surprised.

I was asked about some kind of thing where ordained waive their stipend if they don’t take it. I explained that I could have taken it but was concerned re cash flow…. should I just have taken it? I suspect the Board will want to pay it to me but there will be some resistance – at least with XXXX. But I did explain to her (but refused to tell the Board) that the stipend was to offset my direct costs of being the AD. I was clear with the Board that there were reasons and I have certain views about things… but I would not disclose them because that is not why the payments should be authorized. They should be authorized because there is a board action saying VBC is going to give me the stipend.

The interest is pretty convoluted by now lol. So they need to find a folder that has the paid note in it and see what notations XXXX left behind at the time.

I have asked for swift action and that the monthly payment be enough to make a difference in my life.

So we shall see.


On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 8:45 PM, XXXX wrote:

Good luck!!! Let me know the outcome OK?
From: XXXX
Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 4:31 PM
Subject: update


Well I finally heard from them. I asked for 2 options so they sent me one 🙂

Seems they plan to discuss both topics. So much for my preference to take care of the interest and then address the stipend.

I guess I will be meeting with the board on Friday at 6pm. Think good thoughts.


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