Testimonial about anti-Shugdens in NKT

November 30, 2014

Testimonial about anti-Shugdens to help all sentient beings
Dear Ven. Geshe-la,
I know you are very busy, so I will ask you please, sincerely to read us so you can help us; I have written before, on how my daughter and I were removed from our Sangha. I would like to tell you about the problem of having anti-Shugdens pretending to be our friends, then dropping us immediately after the RT Chokyi ordered my silence.
We had some friends, some of whom I think were your real students, but none of whom have been friendly AT ALL with us for 2 years, and no one will even talk to us at all from the local Sangha since before Portugal.
We were very involved in the Sangha, and some of the people who eventually mentioned some anti-Shugden sentiment, were people who made great efforts to pretend to be our friends. For instance, the Prayers for World Peace Teacher, Louise Lambert, used to be very sweet to my daughter, she would sometimes buy her small gifts—she acted like she was our friend; however, around the time all the Dalai Lama people were being sent to Gen-la Dekyong’s 6 month special teacher training, this PFWP teacher Louise started telling me some very odd things, including, “what difference does it make whether we have Dorje Shugden or not as long as we go to enlightenment?” She also told me angrily that I should not be practicing the Dorje Shugden practice against anyone. This is odd, since I only do the Heart Jewel, WFJ, and Long Protector, and I would like to say, that is for all living beings, and is not possible I think to “practice” a Buddha “against” someone else, because Buddha Manjushri won’t allow that sort of thing.
When I had received my order for silence from the RT Chokyi at San Diego, only one member of the Sangha would stand up for my daughter and me; the rest immediately started telling me I am non-virtuous. One would pretend she couldn’t hear me if I talked, and everyone eventually has told me something like how non-virtuous I am (PFWP Louise Lambert), the AD Angela, Chokyi the RT, and a woman named Kathleen, again the latter had been kind to my daughter, and had come to our house sometimes for lunch, and had acted friendly at holidays, giving us a Christmas tree. I am non-virtuous for saying that they were teaching zen and saying I want Dorje Shugden to remain our Protector, apparently. We also had within two days of each other, a woman named Alison, who I think is your disciple, who called me, very nastily told me she needed ‘a break’ from me, even though I had not seen her in a month. Her child was good friends with my child, and I used to babysit him a lot without charging her, so our kids could play. She has not talked to us or seen us since April 2012, though at the time I had not told her I wrote the NKT any letters. Another friend of ours, Tom, also dropped completely out of contact within 48 hours of Alison. I do not know who even made it to Portugal among them; the only one who talked to us IN Portugal was Kathleen, who mostly acts like an FPMT member, because she has no sincerity regarding your teachings or you. (Forgive me, with everyone else pretending like nothing is going on, then I have to be very plain spoken; it’s too much confusion and lies, and is my activity to be straightforward).
My daughter and I have no Buddhist community. I feel really terrible, given that we went many times per week to do offerings, garden, do publicity, and went to most tsog pujas for 3 and ½ years. Our kids class was taken by zen DL people once Atisha left, so basically I feel like I don’t know where we can even be allowed to have our religion. We are fortunate to be able to practice in our house, but we cannot have any real community, because the Dalai Lama banned the practice and wanted it wiped off the earth. It seems like the FPMT or someone is sending their 3rd rate students to take over our school; anyone can teach under Dekyong as long as they have a good heart (they don’t like Shugden, maybe, is what that means to her). Both Kathleen and Louise Lambert would show up for years to puja, even the Dorje Shugden ones, and regularly, so I think there is a hard-core group of Dalai Lama fanatics that are willing to come to our pujas every day/week to get in the group better, then help end our school as soon as you show passing. They are very destructive, are harming people emotionally, are pretending to be helpful but are really there to harm. Imagine to be a kid and suddenly everyone hates your mother and you from your religious group which you delighted in and in which you were deeply involved?
I wish we can do something; my child and I have been shunned by people who even are your students since I wrote. I think we are pretending that what Chokyi and Steve Cowing write MUST be virtuous, so everybody emulates their behavior and acts evilly toward Shugden practitioners. After all, what difference does it make if they destroy our religion, cut us off from all Sangha Support, and make a little child think her Sangha really hates her and her mom— what difference does that make, as long as they bulldoze real Buddhism in the name of their false guru, the Dalai Lama.
I don’t know what can be done, but I think we have to admit we have Dalai Lama people because I am not allowed to talk about that, or everyone will shun me; even our sponsor for our trip to Portugal didn’t speak to us in Portugal or afterwards; I am allowed to go to the temple and pretend nothing is wrong, but if I say I don’t like the zen teachings, or that why are we talking about the Nobel 8 Foldpath in class— I heard recently that you don’t call it that in your books? I thought the person was plagiarizing Thicht Nhat Hanh that day, anyway. (I find your books immensely helpful, as well as your Dorje Shugden practice and teachers like Rigpa and Atisha. (But Atisha needs to tell you the truth about the Dalai Lama people. He must not say we don’t have Dalai Lama people— nothing inherently exists but I think they clearly follow the Dalai Lama).
So, in summary, we need to say we have these Dalai Lama people and that they are really taking over our classes soon, or we will have no NKT like you started. My daughter keeps requesting to go to your temple (specifically) in Los Angeles, but we are harassed when we go there by the Dalai Lama people that we pretend are not in our school, so we cannot go. Please help us. May all beings benefit.
With devotion,
Kelly Inman


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