Issues of Harassment at Dorje Shugden Empowerment: The Dogma of the Dalai Lama’s School in Infiltrating to Destroy the NKT:

Specific Issues of Harassment in the NKT toward my Shugden family from people who appear to be (or directly stated they were) anti-Shugden:

  1. California Dharma Celebration: Harassment of NKT Shugdens by apparent Dalai Lama people at Shugden Empowerment: California Dharma Celebration Part 1
  2. Harassment at the Dorje Shugden Empowerment Part 2: Dalai Lama Apparently sends his Students to Destroy NKT Empowerments
  3. Can the FPMT infiltrators please stand up: Why will Gen Choma of San Francisco Not Mention Shugden at the Intro to His Empowerment?

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